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WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

WANTED! William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.
The Fugitive

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. William Bradford Bishop, Jr., is one of them. This is on the run from the law. His whereabouts are unknown. The FBI believe him to be armed with a blunt instrument, and extremely dangerous. His crime? Murder. He had killed his entire immediate family. he has enjoyed decades of freedom that he should not be having. He could be anywhere. And who knows what he is doing? And who may be harboring this fugitive?

This man has many aliases. They are: Brad Bishop. Bradford Bishop. Bradford Bishop, Jr. W. Bradford Bishop. W. Bradford Bishop, Jr. William Bradford Bishop. William.

Bishop, Jr, is described as an avid outdoorsman. He likes to go camping and hiking. This means that he is capable of traveling long distances on foot. He’s had extensive camping experience in Africa. Other outdoor pursuits this man enjoys are: Canoeing. Fishing. Swimming. Jogging. Tennis. Skiing. Riding motorcycles. Bishop, Jr., also enjoys working out several times a week. He learned to fly in Botswana, Africa. He is a licensed amateur pilot. This is another way he could be traveling.

This fugitive is well-educated. He has an American Studies degree from Yale University. This man holds a Master’s degree in Italian from Middlebury College in Vermont. Bishop, Jr, is known to read a great deal. He may have kept a diary or journal. He has struggled with insomnia for many years. He drinks Scotch and wine. His favorite foods include peanuts and spicy food. He is known to be intense and self-absorbed. This fugitive tends to have outbursts. And her prefers a neat and orderly environment.

WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.
His Details

This wanted man was born on August 1, 1936. He was born in Pasadena, CA. Bother his hair and eyes are brown. He stands 6’1” and weighs 180 pounds. He is obviously male. His occupation is called: United States Foreign Services Officer. He is Caucasian and white. He is from the U.S. But he speaks multiple languages. These include: English. French. Italian. Serbo-Croatian. Spanish. The fugitive has a 6 inch vertical surgical scar. It can be found on his lower back. Below you can find his posters in different languages. This is because he speaks these languages.

WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.
The Victims

We can’t forget this man’s victims. They became murder victims on March 10, 1976. In Bethesda, Maryland. That’s when Bishop, Jr, allegedly bludgeoned his 37 year old wife. THe mother of their three children. He also killed his mother. The woman who conceived him. Bore him. Raised him. She was 68 at the time. He also killed his three young sons. They were, at the time, aged 5, 10, 14. Respectively. Children he fathered and who had their whole lives ahead of them. Allegedly, he moved their bodies to Columbia, North Carolina. Then he buried their bodies in a shallow grave. And then lit them on fire.

WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.
How We Can Help

It’s obvious why the FBI is seeking this William Bradford Bishop, Jr. If a person can kill his entire family, his crime screams for justice. A murder of just one victim is one murder too many. This crime involves five victims. As of this time, the FBI’s hands are tied. They rely on the public to clue them in on this fugitive’s whereabouts. Someone somewhere knows where this man is. This person needs to come forward. The FBI believe in this case so much that they are offering a $100,000 reward leading to Bishop, Jr’s arrest.

Please look at this man’s WANTED poster. And share it widely. We may reach the person who holds the key to finding justice for his five victims.

WANTED: William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

WANTED: William Bishop

William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

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The posters and facts are provided courtesy of the FBI.


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