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WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two) ***(UPDATE: POSSIBLY SOLVED)***


WANTED! Get an unidentified serial killer off the streets! (Part Two)
This is the second half of this in-depth post.
With all this available information, how can this fugitive still be free?

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
Dana Point Murder

WANTED! Get an unidentified serial killer off the streets! (Part Two) A couple were found beaten to death on August 19, 1980. Keith Harrington and Patrice Harrington were the victims. It happened in their home, located in a gated Dana Point neighborhood. The victims’ home were on Cockieshell Drive in the Niguel Shores. The suspect raped Patrice. The Harringtons’ wrists and ankles may have been bound, according to evidence. But no one found ligatures or a murder weapon at the scene. At their murders, the Harringtons had been married for three years. Patrice worked as a nurse in Irvine. Keith attended a medical school at the University of California. The husband’s brother, Keith Harrington, later showed monetary support for the California Proposition 69 (2004). He paid $2 million for it.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
The Irvine Murder

On February 6, 1981, a 28 year old woman was found in her Irvine home. She was murdered. Her body showed some evidence that she was tied before she was beaten to death. But no one found any ligatures or murder weapons at the scene. Manuela Witthuhn was married. This victim was alone during her attack because her husband was ill in the hospital. It seems that the killer took a lamp and a crystal curio from her home. Detectives noted how Witthuhn’s television ended up in her backyard. Was this her killer’s effort to stage her murder as a botched robbery?

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
More Murders in Goleta

On July 27, 1981, two more victims were found murdered. Cheri Domingo, 35, and Gregory Sanchez, 27, were their names. At the time of their murder, they were in Domingo’s home. Her home was located on on Toltec Way in Goleta. The Offerman-Manning crime scene was just several blocks south. Investigators link both these murders to the EAR/GSK. DNA linked the 1981 murder because of DNA found at the scene. The Domingo home went up for sale at that time. Investigators believe that he broke into it. They believe the suspect may have worked as a painter. Maybe he held a similar job in the Calle Real Shopping Centre. (EU spelling)

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
Anatomy of Domingo-Sanchez Murder

How did the EAR/GSK target Domingo and Sanchez as victims? Investigators can’t make a determination. Domingo’s daughter, Debbi, was staying with friends on the night of her mom’s murder. Domingo’s son was staying with other family members out of state. Domingo’s family owned the Goleta home. She was staying there for only a season. The suspect used a small window to get into the victim’s home. He hadn’t tied Sanchez but shot him in the cheek. But that wasn’t the fatal shot. Sanchez was killed when the attacker beat him to death. The suspect committed that crime with a garden took taken from the home. Some investigators believe that Sanchez may unknowingly have dealt with the man who murdered Offerman and Manning. And, in desperation he tried to take on the attacker rather than be tied up.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
After The Crime

Gunshots aren’t always easy to discern. They can sound like firecrackers or other noises. Neighbors in the Offerman-Manning murder didn’t recognize the gunshots as such. Nor did neighbors discern gunshots in the Domingo-Sanchez murders. Domingo seems to have been tied, as because of bruises that were found on her wrists. But restraints were absent. Instead, the suspect raped her and beat her to death. Near her bed was one piece of shipping twine. Fibers from an unknown source were located near her remains.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
Final Known Crime

May 4, 1986, 18 year old Janelle Lisa Cruz was found in her home in Irving. She was beaten to death. At the time, this victim’s family were out of the U.S. They were vacationing in Mexico.
This girl’s stepdad reported that a pipe wrench was missing. Could it be the murder weapon? It is believed to be. And Cruz was also raped. At first, investigators did not connect all these murders. In Goleta. Ventura. Dana Point. Irving. Investigators originally tied these crimes to their own jurisdictions.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets!(Part Two)
How Crimes Became Connected to the EAR/GSK

Different detectives didn’t agree about the suspects in the murders. One Sacramento detective was confident that the EAR/GSK committed the Goleta attacks. But the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department believed a local suspect committed the crimes and then was himself murdered. When these investigators looked into crimes outside of Goleta, they ended up chasing false leads. These were related to men who had been close to the murdered women. One innocent suspect was charged with two murders. Later, the person was cleared. Many years later, it took DNA testing to link all these crimes to the EAR/GSK.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
His Own Voice

Below are materials believed to be created by the EAR/GSK. But we don’t know for sure. These materials are in the public domain. The hope and goal is to use them to identify this suspect and capture him. I haven’t altered them. On December 11, 1977, someone sent mailed items to the Sacramento Bee. The person sent these materials to the Sacramento’s Mayor’s office. And the individual sent them to the KVIE TV station. One piece was titled “Excitement’s Crave” and was written as a poem. The sender of these items claimed to be the EAR.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Off Streets! (Part Two)
Of Special Note

We are asked to take note of one thing. December 11 is also the date that a masked man ducked many police officers. This is after he seemed to have called cops and warned them that he’d strike on Watt Avenue that night. Authorities believe that masked man to be the EAR/GSK. His authorship of the poem hasn’t been verified. Could his successful dodging of authorities have motivated him to write it? And so I’m leaving the poem intact. Can it solve this case?

‘Excitement’s Crave’

All those mortal’s surviving birth
Upon facing maturity,
Take inventory of their worth
To prevailing society.
Choosing values becomes a task;
Oneself must seek satisfaction.
The selected route will unmask
Character when plans take action.
Accepting some work to perform
At fixed pay, but promise for more,
Is a recognized social norm,
As is decorum, seeking lore.
Achieving while others lifting
Should be cause for deserving fame.
Leisure tempts excitement seeking,
What’s right and expected seems tame.
“Jessie James” has been seen by all,
And “Son of Sam” has an author.
Others now feel temptations call.
Sacramento should make an offer.
To make a movie of my life
That will pay for my planned exile.
Just now I’ d like to add the wife
Of a Mafia lord to my file.
Your East Area Rapist
And deserving pest.
See you in the press or on T.V.

When investigating the 42nd crime, investigators in Danville found three notebook pages. They weren’t far from the crime scene where someone, according to reports, parked a suspicious vehicle. On the first page, someone wrote what is believed to be an essay on General George Armstrong Custer.

This page provides a journal entry. The author writes about a school teacher who made students write lines. And that experience humiliated them. I’m leaving the writing unaltered. And with it I’m providing two images that goes with it. They’re in the public domain.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)

Mad is the word that reminds me of 6th grade. I hated that year

I wish I had know what was going to be going on during my 6th grade year, the last and worst years of elementary school. Mad is the word that remains in my head about my dreadful year as a 6th grader. My madness was one that was caused by disappointments that hurt me very much. Disappointments from my teacher such as field trips that were planned and then cancelled. My 6th grade teacher gave me a lot of disappointments that made me very mad and made me built a state of hatred in my heart, no one ever let me down that hard before and I never “hated anyone” as much as I did him. Disappointment wasn’t the only reason that made me mad in my sixth grade class, another was getting in trouble at school especially talking thats what really bugged me was writing sentences, those awful sentence that my teacher made
me write, hours and hours I’d sit and write 50-100-150 sentence day and night I write those dreadful paragraphs which embarrassed me and more important it made me ashamed of myself which in turn, deepdown in side made me realize that writing sentance wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair to make me suffer like that, it just wasn’t fair to make me sit and wright until my bones ached, until my hand felt ever horrid pain it ever had and as I wrote, I got mader and mader until I cried, I cried because I was ashamed I cried because I was discusted I cried because I was mad and I cried for myself, kid who kept on having to write those dame sentances. My angriness from sixth grade will scar my memory for life and I will be ashamed of my sixth grade year forever

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
Drawings Called “Punishment”

Someone had created a “Punishment” map. That word is scrawled across the page. The map appears to depict a suburban neighborhood. Authorities couldn’t identify this area in the map. Could it be a location where the EAR/GSK fantasized as the striking ground that he really preferred? Detective Larry Pool believes so.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets!
Suspect Calls Victim on Holiday

On December 9, 1977, a prior victim got a phone call during Christmas holiday 1977. She said the caller was her previous attacker. “Merry Christmas, it’s me again!” the suspect said. Then he hung up.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
“Watt Avenue” Call

On December 10, 1977, shortly before 10:00 P.M., dispatchers got phone calls. The calls seem to have been recorded. These included the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and the City of Sacramento’s Police Department. The caller, who threatened a Watt Avenue attack, was later determined to be the same caller who contacted cops on December 2. And that caller had threatened to rape someone that night. After the Dec. 2 call, a home invasion was linked to the EAR/GSK but later was ended before a rape could happen.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two
December Nights

Police responded to the new round of calls. On December 10, they stepped up their patrols. Yes, at 2:30 A.M. on Dec. 11, sheriff’s deputies sighted a masked man riding on a bicycle. On the Watt Avenue bridge. And he was able to duck them. Again, cops sighted him at 4:30 A.M. after he left the bike. He escaped them with success. Police soon determined that the bike was stolen in Redding, California. Of note: The “Excitement’s Crave” poem is connected with the precise date of the Dec. 11 bike chase.

Below is the transcript of the January 2, 1978 phone call that the suspect made to his first rape victim. It’s left intact, as it speaks for itself.

I am going to hit tonight. Watt Avenue. (hangs up)

“Is Ray There?” call (January 2, 1978)
The very first known rape victim received a “wrong number” call on January 2, 1978. The call was recorded, and law enforcement suspect that it may be the same caller who made a threatening call to her shortly afterward.

Victim: Hello?

Caller: Yeah, is Ray there?

Victim: Pardon?

Caller: Is Ray there?

Victim: I’m sorry, you must have the wrong number.

Caller: Sorry. (hangs up)

“Gonna Kill You” call (January 2, 1978)
Later that evening, the same victim received another call, much more sinister in nature. This call was also recorded and identified by the victim as being the voice of her assailant.

This is where the suspect threatens to kill the victim. The language is so vile that I have left it out. In 1991, a prior victim got a phone call from the suspect. He spoke with her for one minute. The victim said she could hear a woman and children in the background. Had he started a family?

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part Two)
Final Appeal

I know all this has been LONG. But this suspect’s “rapsheet” screams for justice! He has ruined countless lives. Broken many hearts. Caused untold suffering. I know this case is cold and old. But these families and survivors have not forgotten! And they need and deserve justice and answers. We can help by sharing and seeking to generate new leads. And if you have information? You are asked to call 9-1-1 if you see this fugitive.

You can contact 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324).

You can leave a tip on the FBI website. Click here to do so.

You can contact your local FBI office. Click here to do so.

Text which I’ve left unaltered has been set off in italics.

UPDATE: Police believe that they have arrested this alleged serial killer. Click here and learn more.

The Unknown Suspect poster and extra information are provided courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Most of the images and information on this case are taken from Wikipedia. You can check it all here.

Most of the material on this post has been adapted and altered. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The photos are in the public domain.


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