WANTED: Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One) ***(UPDATE: POSSIBLY SOLVED!)


WANTED! Get a unidentified serial killer off the streets! (Part One)
This is the first part of an in-depth post.
He is suspected of many crimes!
This fugitive has had far too many years of freedom!

WANTED! Get an Unidentified Serial Killer off the Streets!(Part One)

WANTED! Get an Unidentified serial killer off the streets! The fugitive is known as the “East Area Rapist.” He’s also called the “Golden State Killer.”(EAR/GSK) His crime spree spans areas throughout California, from years 1976 to 1986. The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of the EAR/GSK. The suspect is called a Caucasian male. He may be between the ages of 60 and 75 years. He’s about 5’10” and may have had hair that was/is blond or light brown. He weighs about 170 pounds. His build was muscular. The fugitive may be interested military and may have some military training. This explains his skills with firearms.

Much of his description comes from witness statements.

This is an original composite sketch of the EAR/GSK. It is courtesy of the Sacramento Police Department and is in the public domain.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer off Streets! (Part One)
What is Fugitive Suspected Of?

This unidentified suspect is a career criminal. The FBI and law enforcement partners want our help. They seek information that can identify a suspect. He’s known as the “Area Rapist” and the “Golden State Killer.” This suspect, between 1976 and 1986, may have committed up to 45 to over 50 rapes. At the time, he committed 12 homicides and many burglaries all over California. In suburbs in Sacramento, burglaries and rapes were committed. The suburbs were in Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, and Carmichael. All unincorporated. The murders began on February 2, 1978.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)

We can’t forget the victims. The EAR/GSK broke into his victims’ homes when they slept. He pried open their doors or windows. And he’d shine a flashlight in their faces. If the victim was a woman, he’d tie her up. If a man was there, the EAR/GSK would tie him up also. Then the EAR/GSK broke into their home. He’d rape the woman. Frequently, he stole small items from their homes. These included coins, cash, their information, and jewelry. After he victimized them, some of his victims say they got phone calls from him.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Later Crimes

Evidence pointed to more crimes in 1978. During that year, a couple was walking their dog. That was in Rancho Cordova. They were shot and killed. At the scene, the evidence pointed to the EAR/GSK. More criminal activity followed. He was responsible for rapes in Stockton, Modesto, Davis, and the East Bay Area. In California. Between years 1979 and 1981, he played a role in several victims’ rapes and murders. Couples were among the victims. This was in Southern California. And they were tied up and their homes broken into just as in Sacramento.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
After July 1981

No one reported anything related to the EAR/GSK after July 1981. But the rape and murder of an 18 year old girl ended that. That happened in May 4, 1986 and was the last California crime connected with the EAR/GSK. It was DNA analysis and the patterns of the crimes that linked them to the EAR/GSK. The FBI tells us to treat him as armed and dangerous. What he has done since then remains a mystery. But he must be brought to justice.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Who is the EAR/GSK?

The EAR/GSK is also known by other names. He’s been called the Diamond Knot Killer. And he’s been called the Original Night Stalker. The media coined the latter name. These names also fit the EAR/GSK because of his many rapes and murders. He is responsible for at least 50 rape victims. This was in the mid-1970’s and in Northern California. Twelve victims died at his hands from 1979 through 1986.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
After Year 2000

In the year 2001, the investigation was updated. DNA linked several rapes in Northern California to murders in Southern California. In Contra Costa County, assaults also were linked by DNA and the pattern of the crimes, to the same suspect. And they were much like the criminal activity in the Sacramento area. All pointed to the EAR/GSK. But after his murder in 1986, he isn’t known for any more crimes.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Further Investigation

The EAR/GSK has never been caught. DNA and other investigative methods cleared several suspects. The FBI and local law enforcement agencies, on June 15, 2016, met in a news conference. They announced a nationwide investigation and the $50,000 reward. They also pushed for electronic billboards all over the U.S. They plan other forms of awareness. In California, authorities estimate 50 rapes in Sacramento counties to be linked to the EAR/GSK. Counties include Contra Costa, Stanislaus, San Joaquin, and Alameda. Further, they include Santa Clara and Yolo. DNA evidence confirms that he has committed eight murders. These were in Goleta, Ventura, Dana Point, and Irvine, California. But it was pattern of crimes committed, not DNA, that linked the EAR/GSK to two other murders in Goleta.

Other crimes may be linked to the EAR/GSK. For some investigators suspect the same person in several other murders. Two were in Rancho Cordova and one in Visalia.

Re-Opening of This Case

Investigators profiled the EAR/GSK. There were already various police sketches of the suspect. But the FBI on three sketches when they re-opened the case in June 2016. This is almost a year ago.

UPDATE: Police believe that they have arrested this alleged serial killer. Click here and learn more.

These are the sketches the FBI zeroed in on. These images are therefore courtesy of the FBI and are in the Public domain.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)

Investigators believe that the EAR/GSK started out as an adept burglar. It was a stepping stone to rape. His way was to stalk middle-class neighborhoods. At night, he hunted women who lived in one-story homes. Typically, they lived near a school, a creek, or in any open space where made for an easy exit. The EAR/GSK was spotted a few times. When seen, he ran. One youth who went after him was shot and badly hurt.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
More Victim Observations

Most victims noted red flags prior to the attacks. Before their homes were broken into, they saw or heard someone stalk their property before they were attacked. Police suspect that the suspect regularly surveyed certain homes in targeted neighborhoods. Then he would select his targets and attack them. Surveillance indicates that the suspect would call victims before and after the night of his crimes. Sometimes he hung up. At times he’d pretend to dial the wrong number. In making calls after his crimes, threaten victims. A victim recorded a January 1978 message. The offender repeated: “Gonna kill you.”

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
His Mode of Operation

The EAR/GSK methodically committed his crimes. At first, he preferred to go after women alone or with their children. He then went on to targeting couples instead. Consistently, he barged in on his victims and wake them up. He issued threats with a handgun. Then he’d bind his victims with ligatures which he brought to the crime scene. And he’d blindfold them and/or gag them with towels. The suspect took these from homes, carefully cutting them into strips. He’d tie up women, making them do likewise to their male companions. They had to do this with bootlaces before being tied up themselves. Often, he bound victims so tightly that for hours afterward, they had no feeling in their hands after they were untied.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
More on His Mode of Operation

After he untied his victims, the suspect separated the couples. The EAR/GSK would stack dishes on the man’s back. He’d threaten to kill everyone in the house if he heard any dishes rattle. This suspect sometimes spent hours in a home. He’d go into closets and drawers. The suspect then ate food. He’d come back to threatening the victims more. Was he still in the house? they’d wonder. Authorities believe that he bicycled to and from his car. He heavily used parks, school yards, creek beds, and any open places. He insisted on places that let him stay off the street.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Documented Crimes

There is an extensive timeline of the rapes that the EAR/GSK had committed in the late 1970s. This timeline gives dates, times, and places. You can scan this timeline, which I’m leaving intact, as it speaks for itself.

East Area Rapist Crimes 6/18/76 to 10/1/79
– 6/18/76 Fri – 4:00am Rancho Cordova, CA
– 7/17/76 Sat – 2:00am Del Dayo. Carmichael, CA
– 8/29/76 Sun – 3:20am Rancho Cordova, CA
– 9/04/76 Sat – 11:30pm Citrus Heights, CA
– 10/5/76 Tue – 6:45am Citrus Heights, CA
– 10/9/76 Sat – 4:30am Rancho Cordova, CA
– 10/18/76 Mon – 2:30am Del Dayo, Carmichael, CA
– 10/18/76 Mon – 11:00pm Rancho Cordova, CA
– 11/10/76 Wed – 7:30pm near Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights, CA
– 12/18/76 Sat – 11:30pm Carmichael, CA
– 1/19/77 Wed – 1:00am Glenbrook/College Greens
– 1/24/77 Mon – 3:00am Primrose Dr., Citrus Heights, CA
– 2/7/77 Mon – 6:45am Crestview Drive & Madison Ave., Citrus Heights,
– 3/8/77 Tue – 4:00am Robertson & Whitney Ave, Sacramento, CA
– 3/18/77 Fri – 10:45pm Rancho Cordova
– 4/2/77 Sat – Madison & Main Ave.
– 4/15/77 Fri – 2:30am Madison & Manzanita Aves, Crestview Area, Sacto, CA
– 5/3/77 Tue – 3:00am Glenbrook/College Greens
– 5/5/77 Thu – 12:15am Orangevale, CA
– 5/14/77 Sun – 3:45am Greenback Ln & Birdcage St, Citrus Heights, CA
– 5/17/77 Tue – 1:30am Sand Bar Circle, Del Dayo, Carmichael, CA
– 5/28/77 Sat – 1:00am Fourth Parkway, South Area, Sacramento, CA
Unexplained 3-month break in attacks, then first attacks outside Sacramento Area
– 9/6/77 Tue – Lincoln Village West, North Stockton, CA
– 10/1/77 Sat – 1:30am La Riveria & Toulomne Dr, RC, CA
– 10/21/77 Fri – 3:00am Gold Run Ave, Elkhorn Blvd, Diablo Drive, Foothill Farms, Antelope, CA
– 10/29/77 Sat – 1:45am Mission & Eastern Ave., Sacto, CA
– 11/10/77 Thu – 3:00am La Riviera Dr. near Watt Ave.
– 12/2/77 Fri – 11:30pm Lobrett & Revelstok Dr. Foothill Farms, CA
– 1/28/78 Sat – 10:15pm Winding Way, E. of Walnut Ave.(near American River College)
– 02/02/78 ** Brian and Katie Maggiore murdered **
– 3/18/78 Fri – 1:05am Parkwoods, Stockton – * First attack outside Sacramento *
– 4/14/78 Fri – 10:00pm Piedmont Drive, Seamas & Riverside Aves. South Sacramento,
Attacks move out of Sacramento to Modesto and Davis
– 6/5/78 Mon – 3:50am N.E. Modesto, CA
– 6/7/78 Wed – 4:00am Davis, CA Apartment, N. side UCD
– 6/23/78 Fri – 1:30am North East Modesto
– 6/24/78 Sat – 3:00am Davis
– 7/6/78 Thur – 3:00am Westwood Div, Davis, CA
three-month hiatus then attacks move to Contra Costa County and south
– 10/7/78 Sat – 2:30am Concord, CA
– 10/13/78 Fri – 4:30am Ygnacio Valley, Concord, CA
– 10/28/78 Sat – 4:30am San Ramon, CA
– 11/4/78 Sat – 3:30am San Jose, CA
– 12/2/78 Sat – 4:30am San Jose, CA
– 12/9/78 Sat – 2:00am Danville, CA
– 4/5/79 Thur – 1:00am Fremont, CA
– 6/2/79 Wed – Walnut Creek
– 6/11/79 Mon – 4:00am Danville, CA (two blocks from 12/9/78)
– 6/25/79 Mon – Walnut Creek
– 7/5/79 Thur – 3:45am Danville, CA
As below attacks move to Southern California
– 10/1/79 Mon – Queen Ann Lane, Goleta, Santa Barbara County, CA
Last known attack
– 12/30/1979 – Sun – Goleta, Santa Barbara County, California
– 3/13/1980 – Thur – Ventura, California
– 8/19/1980 – Tue – Dana Point, Orange County California
– 2/6/1981 – Tue – Irvine, Orange County, California
– 7/27/1981 – Mon – Goleta, Santa Barbara, California
– 5/4/1986 – Sat – Irvine, Orange County, California

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
FBI Involvement

The FBI re-opened the EAR/GSK case on June 15, 2016. These include new composite sketches, shown above. They also released victim and investigator testimony. At this time, the FBI announced their $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of this fugitive. They launched a national database to resource law enforcement in investigating crimes. This includes handling tips and information.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Murder Of A Couple

Documentation of the murder of a couple is provided. Brian and Katie Maggiore are the victims’ names. On the night of February 2, 1978, Brian and Katie Maggiore walked their dog in the Rancho Cordova area. This was in Sacramento and close to where several East Area Rapist crimes were committed. The victims had faced their killer in the street. He chased then down and shot them dead. Some investigators suspect that the EAR/GSK in their murder. That’s because of the location and the bootlaces they found. On June 16, 2016, the FBI stated that they had confidence that the EAR/GSK murdered the Maggiore couple.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
An Attack in Goleta

It was on October 1, 1979, that a Goleta couple became victims. The suspect broke in their home. Then he tied them up. The suspect scared them by chanting to himself, “I’m going to kill them.” Then man and then the woman, then tried to get away. She screamed. The attacker ran away, realizing that the alarm went off. A neighbor happened to be an FBI agent. He responded to what he heard. And he ran after the attacker. But the suspect got rid of his bike and ran off and through nearby backyards. He also left his knife. Shoeprints later linked the Offerman-Manning murders to this attack. A physical link. An identical roll of twine in, used in both attacks, linked them.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Details About Goleta Murder

On December 30, 1979, a couple was found shot dead. The homicide happened at Offerman’s condominium on Avendida Pequena in Goleta. There victims were Dr. Robert Offerman, 44, and Dr. Debra Manning, 35. Offerman had apparently become untied. It seemed that he was trying to fight the attacker. Neighbors hear the gunshots but didn’t call the police. They thought the noise was because of benign causes. A big dog left prints at the scene, which were found. Did the killer bring these with him? The killer evidently fed the dog turkey from the fridge, which was left over. To the west of the crime scene, the suspect broken into the adjoining condo. The attacker stole a bicycle from a third, vacant, condo in the same complex. That bicycle was later found to the north of the crime scene, abandoned. On a street.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
1980 Murders in Ventura

On March 13, 1980, another couple were found in their home, murdered. The victims were Charlene Smith, 33, and Lyman Smith, 43. Lyman smith was about to be appointed as Judge. This was in Ventura, and Charlene was also raped. The suspect beat these victims to death with with a log from their fireplace. A drapery cord was used to bind their ankles and wrists. Their wrists were bound by this diamond knot, known as a Chinese knot. The EAR/GSK had used this same knot in the EAR attacks in Sacramento. One case is confirmed and made public.

WANTED! Get Unidentified Serial Killer Off Streets! (Part One)
Appeal 2 You

I know all this has been LONG. But this suspect’s “rapsheet” screams for justice! He has ruined countless lives. Broken many hearts. Caused untold suffering. I know this case is cold and old. But these families and survivors have not forgotten! And they need and deserve justice and answers. WE can help by sharing and seeking to generate new leads. And if you have information? You are asked to call 9-1-1 if you see this fugitive. Below I provide contact information in case you may have information already.

You can contact 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324).

You can leave a tip on the FBI website. Click here to do so.

You can contact your local FBI office. Click here to do so.

This post will be continue in Part Two.

The Unknown Suspect poster and extra information are provided courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Most of the images and information on this case are taken from Wikipedia. You can check it all here.

Most of the material on this post has been adapted and altered. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The photos are in the public domain.


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