WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!

WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!

WANTED! Capture an unidentified suspect!
He has had thirty years of freedom that should not be his!
He shot his victim in broad daylight.
Caught on tape!
Where is he hiding out?

WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!
The Crime and Circumstances

WANTED! Capture an unidentified suspect! On March 10, 1997, an unknown male entered a convenience store. It was the Amoco Convenience store in Cozad, Nebraska. He is a Caucasian male. Before entering the store, he put gas into his vehicle. It was a 1993-1995 red 2-door Pontiac Grand Am. The Amoco Convenience store is located on Interstate 80. This suspect then bought a soda. The surveillance camera captured the clerk putting the sosa into a bag. Then she went to the floor. The suspect shot her three times. He shot this victim once in the back of her head. Then he shot her twice in the arm. His weapon was a semi-automatic 9mm firearm. After killing his victim, the suspect then got back into his car and. And he drove away. He has not been seen since.

WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!
The Victim and More About the Suspect

The Lexington Clipper-Herald is a news agency in the victim’s area. Five years ago, their staff writer, Danny Gruber, did an article on cases located in around Cozad, Nebraska. According to the writer, this case, even in 2011, was a cold case. And it haunted local law enforcement who had been investigating the case. The victim’s name was Leah Rowlands. She was 41 years old. It was after 10:00 A.M. that Leah had been shot. The suspect is described as 6’1″ and weighed around 200 pounds. He may have been in his late 20’s and early 30’s. His hair was short and dark. He had walked back to the cooler. He picked out a Mountain Dew. Surveillance shows that he wore no shoes. The legs of his jogging pants hiked up to just below his knees.

WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!
More About the Crime

The Lexington Clipper-Herald adds more information. At the time, the victim, Leah Lowlands, was waiting on a customer. This customer had a crying baby with her. Video surveillance showed the suspect walk back up the aisle. And it showed him crouching behind a set of shelves. Right after that customer left, the suspect walked up to Leah. He demanded that she surrender money. The victim complied fully with the store protocols. She had placed cash from the register into the bag. Then she pulled out the drawer, showing the suspect that it was empty.

WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!

The publication goes on further. The suspect ordered Leah Rowlands to lie down. She did, getting right behind the counter. The suspect walked several steps toward the door. Then he turned around. This suspect then walked back to the counter. He then shot the victim “point-blank.” Once he shot her in the right shoulder. And he shot her once in the neck. According the the article, Leah Rowlands didn’t put forth any struggle. It was minutes later that a customer found Rowland’s body. Since then, the case of Leah Rolands and the unknown suspect has had hundreds of hours of investigation. America’s Most Wanted gave this case national exposure. Still, the suspect hasn’t been caught.

WANTED! Capture Unidentified Suspect!
Let’s Help Solve This Case

How can someone evade justice for decades? And yet, many suspects do. No information is available about the victim’s family. But surely there are those who are seeking answers as to just what happened to her. And they want her killer to be held accountable. Yes, we want justice for Leah Rowlands. Why would a man enter a convenience store, kill her in broad daylight, and then flee? Someone has information on this case. They know who he is. And whoever has information on this case, isn’t talking. This case needs to be revived. Let’s share this until we reach the person (s) with information. And if you have information? Check out the options below.

You con contact the FBI tip line at: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

You can locate and contact your local FBI office. Click here to locate your local FBI office.

The above photo and additional information are provided courtesy of The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
This unidentified suspect has an FBI profile. Click here to view it.
The information about the victim is provided by Lexington Clipper-Herald. Some information is also provided about the suspect. Used with Permission. Click here to read the article.

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