Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!

Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!

Teens, heed important safety warning!
Your lives depend on it!
I’m not lecturing you!
I’m totally on your side!

Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!
The World You Live In

Teens, heed this important safety warning! I don’t know how many of you will see this. But my hope is that your parents may. Maybe your teachers. Or other concerned citizens. For I have been seeing numerous posters and articles about missing teens. This morning, I just posted about a new case. A girl and her boyfriend. I visit missing persons page. On those pages you can find one missing teen case after another. You may find this uncomfortable. Surely this can’t happen to you!

The world you live in is fraught with risk. In real life, you can still be at-risk. Today, though, you are also vulnerable online. Predators and bullies have more to work with today.

Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!Running Away

The number one reason teens go missing? Many run away. Now I’m aware that many of such teens may run away from abusive, loveless homes. Life on the streets may seem more attractive than enduring abuse. Don’t have any means to support yourself? You’ll figure it out. And then other teens may simply want freedom from rules and regulations. Yes, none of us likes rules. But they’re part of life. No matter how old you get, you’ll have to go by the rules of the land. Don’t want to? End up in jail.

If you are unhappy at home, running away is tempting. When you feel hemmed in by strict rules, running away can tempt you. But don’t do it! Studies tell us that when a runaway goes on the run, bad things can happen. Yuu aren’t safe just because you go missing voluntarily. There are predators called human traffickers. They do much of their recruiting online. But they also hunt for unhappy, lonely, vulnerable teens in person. And they know where to fetch their prey. Studies tell us that many runaways encounter human traffickers within some 24 hours after first running away.

Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!
Missing Teens: Don’t Become One!

What is human trafficking? You don’t want to learn what it is by experience. Survivors of it share their nightmare stories. That’s because they don’t want it to happen to anyone else. These survivors want to turn what has happened to them, into good. For you. These traffickers, called pimps, will tell you that they care about you. You may be promised a good job. Money. Security. Oh, they will let you think they love you. Better than your parents. What they will hide is the awful price tag you will have to pay. You’ll get raped over and over. By different men. These bad people may threaten to kill you if you ever try to leave. Or contact the cops.

Do yourself a favor and read this article. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) posted it. It is on their Facebook page. I have embedded it below.

Don’t run away. Even if you don’t encounter foul play, you’ll traumatize your family. It’s awful to suffer the agony of having a missing loved one. Not knowing where you are. Nor knowing whether you are alive or dead. Don’t put your family through the agony and the heartache. If yours is an abusive or neglectful family, there is an alternative to running away. Contact your local police and tell them what is being done to you. Terrified to do that? I understand. I fear calling cops also. Tell a caring professional. A teacher. The school counselor. And so on. They can do it for you.

Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!
Stay Safe Online

Predators lurk online. People hide behind computer screens. Often, they pose as something they’re not. For example, someone online can pose as peer. Your own gender. This person will go to lengths to win your trust. They’ll convince you that they’re your friend. They are doing something called grooming. Gaining your trust so they can exploit you. But, actually, the person may be an older male. They aren’t there to do you any good. Then this person will want to meet you in real life. And you’ll find, to your horror, that this person isn’t a peer. He’s a male. And he may want to kidnap you. And worse.

I have read of and heard of horror stories. Teens believe they are making friends online. They may give out their names, addresses, and other identifying information. The person approaching them may convince them that they’re a peer, and a trustworthy friend. Horror stories I’ve heard of consist of teens meeting these individuals in person. To their dismay, they discover that the person isn’t what he posed as. He is (usually) an older male. And they may end up kidnapped. And worse.

Lesson: Don’t give out your information online. Not your address. Your phone number. Nothing. I know many of you love putting up selfies. Don’t overdo it. Always remember that when we go online, so do predators. And they are up to no good! You can avoid cyber-bullying by not giving out your information. And always treat other Internet users with respect. And these same principles apply to your entire life outside of cyberspace.

Teens, Heed Important Safety Warning!

Going missing isn’t always preventable. I’m not in any way suggesting that disappearing is a crime. Nor am I implying that it’s your fault if you encounter foul play. But you can do things that will reduce your risk. Don’t get mad at your parents if they try to monitor your activities. They love you and want you to stay safe. They are being parents. Try never to walk alone. Bad things can happen when you do that. And adults can get kidnapped. And encounter foul play. On any given day, I post as many cases of missing adults. As I do missing kids. Take a look at the poster at the top of this post. Those of us who care about the missing, want to prevent cases. Do what you can not to become a missing teen. And end up on a poster like the one at the top of this post.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a webpage meant for young people. I recommend that you read it.

The above photo is provided courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc. I’m not a partner of or affiliated with them or any organization.


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