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    If you think you have seen a missing child, or suspect a child may be sexually exploited, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Use the CyberTipline to report child sexual exploitation

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Find Missing Ashley Nicole Summers!

Find Missing Ashley Marie Summers!

Find Missing Ashley Nicole Summers! Did she start out as a runaway And then end up as a crime victim? She has been missing for ten years. What happened to her? Where is she? Find Missing Ashley Nicole Summers! Details Find Missing Ashley Nicole Summers! She has been missing since—

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Find Missing Steven Earl Kraft Jr!

Find Missing Steven Earl Kraft, Jr.!

Find missing Steven Earl Kraft, Jr.! He has been missing for 16 years. Did he run away from home? This looks less and less likely With the passage of time. Was he in an accident? He would have probably been found long ago. Was he abducted? Should this theory Have—

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Find Vail McCann, Still Missing!

Find Missing Vail McCann!

Find Vail McCann, still missing! She has been missing for almost a month! Some say her disappearance is voluntary and she May not want to be found. But she is a child and is vulnerable To predators and human traffickers. Find Vail McCann, Still Missing!! Details Find Vail McCann, still—

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