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    If you think you have seen a missing child, or suspect a child may be sexually exploited, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Use the CyberTipline to report child sexual exploitation

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Find Missing Kristi Lynn Nikle!

Find Missing Kristi Lynn Nicole!

Find missing Kristi Lynn Nikle! She has been missing for over 21 years. And she is missing with special needs. Who would want to harm her? She had not even left her teens when she was last seen. Her whole life was ahead of her. Find Missing Kristi Lynn Nikle!—

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Find Missing Kaleigh Guthre! ***(UPDATE: NO LONGER MISSING)***


***UPDATE***: THE ALERT FOR KALEIGH HAS BEEN CANCELED AND SHE IS MARKED FOUND. NO OTHER INFORMATION IS PROVIDED. I HOPE SHE IS OKAY. READ LINKED ARTICLE BELOW. Find missing Kaleigh Guthre! She has been missing for a week. She has medical needs. Where is Kaleigh Guthre? Find Missing Kaleigh Guthre!—

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