Find Missing Alma Violet Root!

Find Missing Alma Violet Roof!

Find missing Alma Violet Roof! Police treated her as another runaway teen. Because she ran away from an abusive home. She has been missing for 38 years. She was last seen with an older male. Soon after she went missing, that older male Was convicted of child molestation in another—

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Find Missing Paris Comegys! ***(UPDATE: NOT LISTED AS MISSING)***


***(UPDATE)***: PARIS COMEGYS IS NO LONGER IN THE NCMEC DATABASE. I DO NOT KNOW IF THAT MEANS SHE WAS FOUND. NO INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE. I REGRET THIS. I HOPE PARIS IS OKAY. Find missing Paris Comegys! Find Missing Paris Comegys! What Happened? Find Missing Paris Comegys! Little detail is provided—

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