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Explore what Missing, Unidentified Victims Of Crime is all about.

People of all ages vanish. For many different reasons. Children. Teens. Adults. Girls. Boys. Women. Men. Each one is someone’s loved one. Someone’s child. Each one is loved and missed by someone. Equal resources are usually not placed in missing person searches. Sad but true. But missing persons with disabilities, minorities, and the homeless, deserve to be brought home. For they, too, are someone’s child and missing loved one. And those who run away are not necessarily safe. They can encounter foul play also. So we should share their posters and stories with as much urgency as any other missing person. Those who disappear and are deemed troubled or have drug or alcohol addictions, have lives that are just as valuable as any missing person. They also need to be brought home!

That is what Missing, Unidentified Victims Of Crime is all about.

Adults who go missing, are also someone’s child. Someone’s loved one. Things can happen to them. And they often do. Men go missing also. And encounter foul play. Even in those sad cases where their families “cause” their disappearances (child abuse, intimate partner violence),, they deserve to be found. Every life is sacred. Many “reverse missing” people are unidentified and we want to identify them. Many are murder victims whose bodies have not been identified. Others are living unidentified people. They tend to be crime victims also. Often, these unidentified people can be matched with missing people. This site exists to bring awareness to any and all missing persons. No matter who they are. Give the unidentified back their names. And seek justice for crime victims.

That is what Missing, Unidentified Victims Of Crime is all about.

I am one person maintains this website, Missing, Unidentified N Victims Of Crime. I seek to update cases in as timely fashion as humanly possible. On this site, resolved cases are marked “Found Safe” if I can verify that the person was located on good condition. Other cases are marked “Found Alive” of the person was located but may be injured physically or mentally. In the cases with tragic outcomes, I mark the person as “Found Deceased”, “Body Found,” or “Human Remains Found.” If the missing person is safe but does not wish to return home, even if for safety reasons, I nark the person as “No Longer Missing/Not Yet Home.” If the missing person’s case information is removed from reputable databases like NCMEC, NamUS, and/or local/statewide missing persons databases, I mark the person as “Update: No Longer Missing” when I cannot find any other details about their cases.

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I’m not affiliated with or a partner of any organizations or groups. Nor do I have ties with any organization. And, they do not endorse me or this site, Missing, Unidentified Victims Of Crime.

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