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Mother’s Day Prayer 4 Missing

Mother's Day Prayer 4 Missing

This is my Mother’s Day Prayer for missing and unidentified persons, and victims.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 Missing
For Those Directly Affected

Mother’s Day prayer 4 the families of the missing: Any holiday or special time is difficult for them. They’ll be reminded of the empty chair around the table. Comfort them especially during this time. May they turn to Jesus in their need. Provide for and protect them. Give them hope and answers. Give restoration and healing to those whose loved ones come home safely. Comfort those whose loved ones are located deceased. Give comfort to all those who have lost children also to murder, suicide, or any cause. May those who suffered these losses reach out to those suffering the same thing. Fill them with peace and hope.

Mother’s Day prayer 4 missing/unidentified persons: We don’t know the circumstances of their disappearances. Protect all of them. May those who have run away or disappeared voluntarily, return home. Or if they have run from abusive or neglectful homes, may they seek help. Help them realize that they are at risk for becoming human trafficking victims. Protect all of those who are abduction victims. Bring their captors to repentance. Protect those who vanish because of suicidal plans or mental illness. May they reach out for help. And bring home, safely, those who wander because of autism, dementia, or other related issues. Bring all missing who are murdered, home. That way, their loved ones can give them proper burials.

Mother’s Day prayer 4 victims with unsolved cases: Give them peace and hope during this painful time. Bring home all those with unsolved missing loved ones cases. Bring accountability and justice to all those whose loved one’s murders remain unsolved. May they turn to Jesus in their need. Give them favor with the investigative agencies and authorities they deal with.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 Missing
Those Who Work 4 Them

Mother’s Day prayer 4 advocates of missing/unidentified: Many of them don’t work together. Let us work together, despite differences in beliefs and lifestyles. Remind us that while advocacy is about the missing and their families, that we advocates need to work together. AS much as possible, let’s not make distinctions between trained and untrained. But I pray that those who are professionals will be given guidance to exhibit compassion, integrity and hope. May all of us take care to be ethical in whatever capacity that we serve the world of the missing. I thank You for all individuals who serve the world of the missing.

Mother’s Day prayer for nonprofits that serve the world of the missing: Now I pray for all nonprofit organizations which serve the world of the missing. May they practice the highest ethics in dealing with donors and supporters. May they show discernment, compassion, hope and grace in dealing with families and survivors. Give nonprofits all the financial resources they need to operate effectively. Bless them with good volunteers who will make their missions more effective. I thank You for all those who serve families, educate the public about safety and prevention, and help survivors find healing.

Mother’s Day prayer for law enforcement and investigating agencies: I pray that You will protect them and give them much guidance and discernment. May they conduct their investigations and solve cases with success. Comfort all families, especially around this time, who have lost loved ones to on-duty murders. Or to anything else. Give them all the resources they need to conduct effective investigations and bring cases to resolution. I thank You for all those who protect and serve us, at risk of their own lives. May the “bad apples” be exposed, be brought to justice, and come to repentance.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 Missing
Others in the World of Missing/Unidentified by Default

Mother’s day Prayer 4 those who hold the key to those holding the key to solving cases: They are the ones who have the information that would help law enforcement solve cases. Investigative agencies need their information to find the missing, I.D. the unidentified, and catch suspects. Above all, families need them to end their nightmares. So please impress upon them the need to come forward with what they know. Give them courage and wisdom. If coming forward would implicate them, may they still do so, and not add to their guilt. Protect the innocent, and reward their courage in doing the right thing.

Mother’s Day prayer for perpetrators and their enablers: I know that we speak of bringing them to earthly justice and punishment. Rapists, murderers, predators and pedophiles are seen with disgust and revulsion. But we know, or should know, that in Your eyes, we are all guilty. So, I indeed pray that they’ll be brought to justice and will be held accountable for their crimes. May they also be brought to repentance and make amends, when possible, with their victims.

Mother’s Day Prayer 4 Missing
Prayer for the Public

Mother’s Day prayer for the general public: I know that there is much ignorance and apathy among the general public. We typically don’t think we’ll ever become families with missing or murdered loved ones. Or go missing ourselves. Lose our identities. But may many more of us become educated about issues surrounding missing or unidentified victims. May we become aware of safety and prevention steps we can take to prevent missing, unidentified, or victims.

Into Your hands I commend all those I have brought to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


I'm a Christian, meaning that I have a relationship with God, through trust in His Son Jesus. Through this website, which is currently the only website I have, It is a full-time job to give myself to this website, which includes updating cases. I seek to broadcast missing people, unidentified people, and crime victims. These include those of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life. If you see something on here that needs an update, please contact me. Thank you.


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