Reverse Missing

Reverse Missing

Reverse missing; what is that?

Reverse Missing
The Unidentified

Reverse missing; what is that? There are an estimated 40,000,000 unidentified people (Source. This is just counting human remains that have not been identified. There are people who are among the living unidentified. I call them “reverse missing” because they have been found. But we don’t know who they are. So they are really still missing. Unaccounted for. And many could be matched with missing persons. In fact, most can probably be matched with the missing.

This often doesn’t happen. Many unidentified people remain as such. So many such cases never seem to get their names back. This means that many families never find answers. I became aware of unidentified persons because of a nonprofit that I can’t name. That’s because I signed a formal agreement not to name them. Or to publicly mention any of my dealings with them. Currently, they seem not to be active. But I learned much about reverse missing people through reading of individual cases on their blog. And it was an education. How hard it is to identify many of them. And how many of them exist.

Reverse Missing
Why Unidentified?

How do people lose their identities? I learned through the nameless nonprofit. Many lose their names because they become murder victims. Quite often, their murderers move their bodies far from the crime scene. Then, when those remains get found, it is tough to identify them. Many perpetrators alter the appearance of their victims. And it’s hard to identify them. When they are found. Many victims stay unidentified because their bodies decompose so badly. And when they are found, identifying them is a challenge. Many victims end up without their names because data on them can’t be found. They may have aliases. These can”t be matched with their names. Victims may not have dental or other records on file. No DNA. Some victims may have been murdered in other countries. Where their information is not found.

What about the living unidentified? Some of them don’t know their real names. They may have been kidnapped as babies. And they have grown up under different names. Some suspect that high-profile, missing Madeline McCann is probably alive. And is facing such a situation. A person named “Lisa Doe” was facing such a situation. I don’t know the outcome of her case. Some living unidentified people lose their memories and forget who they are. They are missing to themselves. There was such a man whose case was active a few years ago. A crime victim,he was beaten and left for dead. We called him “The Burger King Doe.” Dr.Phil featured his case. Fortunately, he has been identified and is with his family.

Reverse Missing
We Can Help Identify Them

We can help give the unidentified their names. Why should we care about this? Because these are lives that are sacred. If dead, their families deserve answers and peace. And the living unidentified need to know who they are. Who their families are. Though the chances are remote, any of us can lose our names. Become murder victims. Lose our memories. It can happen to any of us. Our loved ones. Any one of us can become missing. Or unidentified. The chances are unlikely. But they are always there.

We can help the reverse missing be given their names. Below, I’ll provide a webpage link where you can educate yourself about this silent epidemic. And I’ll link this page to two websites. NamUs contains separate databases. One for the missing cases entered into it. The other database is for the unidentified. In the world of the missing, there is a campaign to make it easier to match cases in NamUs. It is called “Billy’s Law” and it is proposed legislation. Those spearheading it say that if the Help Find the Missing Act becomes law, it will find many missing persons. And identify many without their names.

Click here to learn more facts and stats about America’s unidentified.

Visit the NamUs website.

Visit the Doe Network Site. Help Identify Cases.

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