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Find Missing Michael Glenn Chambers! (UPDATE: $25,000 REWARD OFFERED!)

Find missing Michael Glenn Chambers!

Find Missing Michael Glenn Chambers!

Find Missing Michael Glenn Chambers!

Find missing Michael Glenn Chambers! Men vanish. We don’t hear about that in the news. Unless they go missing as a result of high-profile weather stories. Missing Michael Glenn Chambers has vanished “under suspicious circumstances.” This means that foul play is suspected in his case. Investigators think he may have been abducted. Michael Glenn Chambers vanished on March 10, 2017. He went missing out of Quinland, Texas. He’s 70 years old. Surveillance is shown in his poster. It shows him leaving his local Walmart. This is the last that has been seen of this man.

Blood can be a sign of foul play. Investigators say blood was found in a workshop at his residence. It’s off the 7000 block of FM 2101. And it’s unclear whether Chambers was injured. Or had he walked away from the shop seeking help? Was he forcibly taken from the building? Chambers is 6’3” tall and weights 225 pounds. He has blue eyes and balding gray hair. He may be wearing blue sweatpants. They come with a Department T-Shirt and ball cap. The poster shows these.

The second photo (below), a poster, is provided courtesy of Becca Chambers.

Find Missing Michael Glenn Chambers!

His daughter also has a public Facebook profile. On it, she frequently posts on how she loves and misses her dad. This is his daughter’s public Facebook profile. It is clear that this man is loved and missed by many!

To his family, Michael Glenn Chambers is “Paw Paw.” And their Facebook group, set up to find him, is called Bring Paw Paw Home. Do you use Facebook? Click here to join this group.

Find Missing Michael Glenn Chambers!
Let’s Bring Him Home

What could have happened to this missing man? Normally, we think that men can take care of themselves. And so they are less likely to become victims of crime. But they are as capable of going missing as women. Somewhere, someone is missing Michael Glenn Chambers. So read this man’s story and share it freely. Let’s get the word out. And reach the person who may hold the key to finding him. Do you have information that can lead to Chambers’ safe return? Call 9-1-1. You can contact the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office at: (903)453-6838.

***UPDATE***: Michael Glenn Chambers has still not been found! But now a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his safe return.

Michael Chambers, age 70, went missing on Friday, March 10, 2017. Authorities checked both his home and shop off FM 2101 in Quinlan, Texas. And they found small amounts of blood in the shop. This may indicate he did not leave willingly. Nor did he hurt himself and walked off for help.

Contact Sgt. Jeff Haines of the Hunt County Sheriff’s office. Call at 903-453-6809 or by email: jhaines@huntcounty.net.

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The above photo and additional information are courtesy of Locate the Missing.

The featured photo and additional information are courtesy of Missing Pieces Network.


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