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Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!
This little girl was abducted and murdered
Over 42 years ago.
And after all this time
The suspect (s) have never been identified or caught.
Who killed Shirley Jane Rose?

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose! The crime happened when Shirley Jane Rose was only 9 years-old. In 1975, she was not aware that drugs were a big business in her hometown. She was free to romp and play and go to school. She could walk from her grandmother’s home on West Avenue to her house a few blocks away on Scenic. A witness reported seeing someone in a 1969-1970 blue Chevrolet. The unidentified individual pulled up behind Shirley on the street. Some have said it was a 72 Ford Torino. But either have yet to be confirmed. Later, she was supposedly spotted again on the same street. And the car had left the scene. At 6:45 P.M. on October 17, the pretty grade school girl, known for her sweet disposition, was picked off the street. She was abducted just a block from her home in Springfield, Missouri.

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!

Shirley Jane Rose’s wholesome face was a carbon copy of actress Kristy McNichol. The latter is from the popular ‘70s television show Family. Shirley Jane became well known to Springfield residents as the search for her abductor or abductors began. A few months later, a caretaker at McDaniel Lake, found the little girl’s grave. Shirley Jane’s family had provided the description of their missing child. They stressed the fact that she had been last seen wearing a favorite embroidered shirt. Animals had unearthed part of a skeleton wearing that same blouse. A vibrant young elementary student was simply folded and discarded like a milk carton in the trash. Her case remains unsolved till this day.

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!

Justice 4 Shirley Jane Rose!

As a little girl, Shirley Jane Rose lost her freedom and her life to an unidentified suspect (s). This is a campaign to get this little girl the justice she deserves. It is an effort to obtain answers for her devastated family, friends, and community. Someone (s) is responsible for this crime. After over 42 years, it’s time to pay for the crime. All those who loved Shirley Jane Rose will never rest until her killer (s) are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Someone (s) knows something. Do you have any information that can identify the person (s) responsible for the abduction and murder of Shirley Jane Rose? Have any info? Please contact the Springfield Police Department at: (417) 864-1810. You can submit your tip online and remain anonymous. Click here to leave your tip online.

The images are courtesy of Shirley Jane Rose, the Facebook profile page set up for her. Use Facebook? Bookmark this profile.

Justice For Shirley Jane Rose is also on Twitter. Use Twitter? Please “Follow” this page.

Justice for Shirley Jane Rose, the website set up for her, is the information source for this piece. Click here to visit the site.


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