Justice 4 Jamieson Family!

Justice for the Jamisons!

Justice 4 Jamieson Family!

Justice for the Jamieson family!
Their case is totally unsolved.
No one still has any idea what happened to them.
A dad, a mom,and a six-year-old girl.

Justice 4 the Jamiesons!
Their Missing Days

For four years, this family had been a missing family. Madyson Jamieson was the daughter. This child was a Caucasian female. She was born on August 1. When she was last seen, she was six years old. Madyson had blonde hair and brown eyes. She had stood 3’10” and weighed 50 pounds. The mom, Sherilyn, was born on November 5. When last seen, she was 41 years old. Sherrilyn was a Caucasian female. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Sherilyn stood 5’7″ and weighed 105 pounds.
The dad, Bobby Jamieson, was born on Aug. 4. When last seen, he was 44 years old. Bobby was a Caucasian male. He had brown hair and brown eyes. And he stood 6’3″ and weighed 170 pounds.

Justice 4 the Jamiesons!

Their disappearance is described as bizarre. Madyson and her parents all were last seen on Oct. 8, 2009. They vanished out of Red Oak, Oklahoma. According to DailyMail.com, Sherrilyn had suffered from a “crippling depression.”

According to DailyMail.com, family and their pastor said that the parents delved in the occult. Bobby and Sherilyn liked witches and were interested in “spiritual warfare.” The article elaborate on the Jamiesons’ occultic activity. As others do. On Oct. 17, 9 days after this missing family were last seen, their car was found abandoned. It had been found in Red Oak, Oklahoma. The photos on the left, in the poster, are of Madyson. The photos on the right are of her mom and dad. Respectively. On Oct. 8, Madyson was with her parents when last seen. She had two missing front teeth. She had worn blue jeans. Also, she wore a long sleeve pink shirt with small flowers on it.

What plans did Bobby and Sherilyn have before they went missing? They had traveled from their home in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Then they went to isolated mountains. That was just before they had vanished. They had wanted to purchase a 40 acre plot of land.

Justice 4 the Jamiesons!
Their Abandoned Truck

The vehicle that was found was the Jamieson’s truck. As already stated, it was found on Oct. 17. It was the Latimer County Sheriff, Israel Beauchamp, who had processed the truck. Investigated it. At first, according to DailyMail.com, the Sheriff first thought the truck was stolen. Then he took a closer look, realizing that things were more serious. Than he had thought. For the vehicle had been found locked. In it were the couple’s phones and car keys. The truck also held their GPS and $32,000 in cash. And Madyson’s beloved dog, Maisy, was also found inside. She was virtually starving.

Justice 4 the Jamiesons!

The investigation into the missing Jamiesons’ case turned up nothing. Many theories abounded. All of them were plausible. The local Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved in the search for this missing family. They continually searched. And they chased the many leads. This family’s case was shown on Disappeared, which is on Investigation Discovery. Nothing had turned up. All leads became dead ends. And there were no arrests. No suspects.

Justice 4 the Jamiesons!
How This family Was Found

Four years after the Jamiesons were last seen, they were found. But, tragically, they were found deceased. Their bodies were found on November, 2013. The remains were skeletonized. Their bodies were found side-by-side, face down in the dirt. The three deceased Jamiesons were found three miles from their abandoned truck. Their bodies were so decomposed that no autopsy could determine how the Jamiesons had died.

Justice 4 the Jamiesons!
What Happened 2 Them?

Many theories abound about the deaths of the Jamiesons. Some people believe that they got lost in the wilderness, and died from dehydration and starvation. Others believe that because of the parents’ history of depression, that this was a murder-suicide. Some believe that this family got caught in a drug deal gone bad. And paid the ultimate price. But most believe that they were murder victims, because of how the car was found. And because of the circumstances of their disappearance. But, to this day, their case remains totally unsolved.

Somewhere, someone knows what happened. Someone is not talking about what led to the tragic deaths of a couple and their six year old little girl. We don’t even know how
they died. This case haunts me. I know that it resembles the deaths of the McStay family. But it’s come to my attention that their case may be solved. But that family has garnered a lot more media coverage than the Jamiesons have. The Jamieson Family case needs to be revived. New tips need to be generated. And new developments. So let’s share this. Their loved ones believe they were murdered, according to DailyMail.com. And their loved ones won’t rest until they finally get answers.

The tragic story of the Jamieson family remains totally unsolved!

Let’s help end a nightmare. Share this freely. If anyone has any information concerning criminal activity concerning this case, contact: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324) or submit a tip on their site. Click here to do so.

This is an article about the mysterious deaths of the Jamieson family. It was written two years ago. Read the article about this case.

Someone had submitted a piece to Reddit about the Jamieson family. This is from two years ago.Read the article about this case.

The above poster of their former missing case is provided courtesy of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Information has been taken from the poster, but most has been taken from the articles linked to this post.

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