Jesus Connection

Jesus Connection

Jesus connection; what?

Jesus Connection
Sorrow Shows Spiritual Need

Jesus connection; what? In the word of the missing, it’s easier to see that we need God. When you face death, you face the reality of your own mortality. We’re reminded of this every time a missing person is found deceased. And even if they’re found alive or safe, we’re facing the prospect of death. When people don’t have to face death, they often don’t admit the reality of their own mortality. Until they age. Or face major illness. In the blogs and writings of relatives of the missing, they often speak of the spiritual world.

Suffering doesn’t always turn someone to God. Not even if someone suffers the agony of a missing or murdered loved one. Years ago, I was dealing with a person who lost an immediate family member to a brutal murder. This individual was dedicated to finding justice for the murdered loved one. The perpetrator was slated to be let out of prison. This person had seen a post of God from me. And he stated: “I don’t do God.” Eventually, the person removed me from his social networks. What had happened to turn him away from his Creator?

And if you’re an advocate? Find your meaning and purpose in the world of the missing? Doing advocacy in the world of the missing is depressing and emotionally draining. Constantly seeing the pain of families is emotionally tough. Seeing posters of missing and unidentified people isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. And learning about murder victims is downright heartbreaking. It can make us question God’s justice, goodness, and love. IT’s tough to praise the CReator for His goodness in the face of injustice. Especially when criminals kidnap, rae, and kill. It’s easy to think: Why do you allow this, God?

Jesus Connection
Where Jesus N the Cross Come In

Jesus connection; what? This is where He comes in. Missing children. Missing adults. Unidentified people. Victims of crime. Rapes. Kidnaps. Murders. Human trafficking. All these and more are symptoms of the root problem. I think we know deep down what that is. Scripture calls it sin. And it tells us that sin is missing the mark of God’s perfection. Falling short of His plan for us. Rebelling against Him and His laws. Because people don’t want to live as He tells us, we have an unChristlike, ungodly society. This is began with the first man and woman. ADam and Eve. They wanted to eat the fruit that God told them not to eat.

Jesus connection; what? The result of Adam’s and Eve’s sin was to become separated from God. They once loved, knew, and followed Him perfectly. And they were intimate with Him. But all of that changed after they ate that fruit. We have all inherited their sinful natures. And that’s why we have law enforcement. The FBI. Lawyers. Prisons. Amber
Alerts. Hospitals. Crime. And our culture is only one of many where life has grown cheap. The slippery slope of legalized abortion has made possible devaluing the lives of those already born. And so we seem to see more and more missing persons. And more crime victims.

Jesus Connection
Who Is Jesus?

Some may argue that the world of the missing has always been with us. Yes, we’ve always had missing children and adults. Unidentified people. Crime victims. We just are more aware of them. I’m not sure that is all that can explain this. Life has gotten cheaper. And it has led to the slippery slope. God had to do something to deal with our sin which leads to things like this. He could not just look the other way. Or let it go. He had to deal with it. And He did. That is why He sent Jesus, His Son, into this world. Jesus was conceived and born, just like all of us. That is how He arrived.

Jesus’ human life is recorded in the four New Testament Gospels. He lived as a fully human being. Like all of us, He grew. And he ate, drank, slept, and grew tired. Yes, He was tempted in every point of His humanity. Finally, He died a real death on a cross. And returned to life again. This is how God dealt with our sin. He paid for it Himself in the Person of His Son. Now He can relate to us as a Father, not as a Judge. Yet we need to receive this free gift of forgiveness which cost God everything. What do we need to do? Repent. Change our minds about sin and about God. Admit that we are sinners and need forgiveness. And that we can’t save ourselves. Then believe. Believe that Jesus died for us and forgives us. And follow Him.

Jesus connection; what? What does He have to do with finding a missing loved one? Finding justice for crime victims? And giving people back their identities? Everything. No, following HIm does not free us from problems or suffering. One person has said: “Jesus did not die so we would not suffer. He died so our sufferings would become like His.” Because of Jesus, God knows, firsthand, the loss of a child. And Jesus knows what it like to be hellishly abused. And to become the ultimate crime Victim. So, none of us can tell Jesus: “You can’t understand how I feel! You have never been there!”

Jesus Connection
Where Does This Leave Me?

And so if you are the family member of a missing loved one, place your hope in Jesus. Do you have a murdered family member? Turn to God for answers. And having a missing or murdered loved one can’t commend you to God. You need a Savior. Are you an advocate? While what you’re doing is absolutely vital, it can’t commend you to God. Like any of us, you need Jesus. And in the world of the missing, we talk a lot about justice. And we’re right to do so! But while it may be tough to swallow, Jesus loves criminals every bit as He loves their victims. He loves the person responsible for your pain, as much as He loves you. and so let’s all turn from sin. And turn to Jesus. And look forward to a world where there will be no more evil or sorrow.

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  • “We exhort therefore, that , first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men;” 1 Timothy 2:1

    Dear Heavenly Father we lift up this page, this message, and their goal. To find missing children, to free up abused persons and to solve crime. May Your Spirit be embedded into every bit of data, every word typed and into every case put onto it. We pray for Your Holy Spirit to conquer and to diminish every lack of faith and every other evil thing that might come at them from the unholy ones who would ever harm a child, or deprive another man or woman of their beloved blessing of child. May they always be led to You and we pray that all are recovered and or for all child crime to be diminished before it begins. In Jesus name Amen

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