Identify Unknown Individual O Cascade County!

Identify Unknown Individual O Cascade County!

Identify an unknown individual of Cascade County!
This is actually a partial set of skeletal remains.
These few remains belonged to a human being
And to one who is loved and missed by many.

Identify Unknown Individual O Cascade County!

Identify Unknown Individual O Cascade County! These remains were found on April 19, 2000. It was impossible to estimate the age of the individual whom these remains belonged to. The race and gender of the individual remain unclear. Nor could the height or weight of the individual whom the remains belonged to, be determined. The condition of these remains couldn’t be recognized. For they were partial skeletal parts only. These remains were found on 1218 1st Avenue South in Great Falls, Montana. The remains were found in Cascade County, zip code 59405. Twenty six bones were recovered from the dirt floor of the garage at 1216/1218 1st Avenue North. The bones are very small and some may not be human.

Fingerprints are currently not available. Dental information is currently not available through charting. DNA is complete but isn’t sufficient for profiling.

Identify Unknown Individual O Cascade County!

This is quite a challenging case. What is involved is only a partial set of remains. Some are believed to be possibly animal remains. Could the remains have belonged to a person and some to a pet? Could these remains have belonged to a child? Could these remains have belonged to a cold case missing child or adult? Male or female? Boy or Girl? Someone is missing this unknown and unidentified individual as this is being written. This case is totally dependent on tips and leads to solve. These remains belong to someone whose cause of death is unknown. If the individual was a homicide victim, this must be investigated. This isn’t possible as long as these remains remain both unidentified and unknown.

Do you have any information about this unidentified and unknown individual? Gender? Age? Cause of Death? If you have even a piece of information, it is desperately needed in this case! Nothing is too small to help. If you have information, please contact the Cascade County Coroner’s Office at:
(406) 454-6820. Or contact Janet Franson at: (817).217-7928.

NAMUS: UP #10285
Case # 1996-03379

This case can be found here.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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