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Identify T Boy I The Box!

Identify T Boy I The Box!

Identify T Boy I The Box!
It has been over 60 years before
This boy was found deceased in a box.
No one was able to identify this child.
And to this day, he remains unidentified.
Who is he?
Who are his family?
How did he die?
Who is responsible for this?

Identify T Boy I The Box!

Identify T Boy I The Box! This unidentified male child was found deceased on February 25, 1957. He was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This victim was found on Susquehanna Road at Verree Road. This victim is named the “Boy In The Box” His estimated age is approximately 3-6 years old. This Boy in the Box was a Caucasian male. His estimated weight at his death was 30 pounds. At his death, his estimated height was 40 inches.
This victim’s eyes were blue. His face was reportedly recognizable. IT is believed that he died in the year 1957. His hair is described as sandy (blond?).
His hair had been recently cut in a way that suggested it was not the work of a skilled barber.

Identify T Boy I The Box!

Reportedly, there were 7 linear scars. Three appeared to be well-healed surgical scars. One is found on his chest. The Boy in the Box has a scar on his groin. And he had a scar one on the left ankle. This unidentified victim had one scar on left side of the chest. He had one irregular round scar on the left elbow. And he had one scar on the chin. He had been circumcised. There were three small moles on the left side of the face, one tiny mole below the right ear, three small moles on the right side of the chest, and a large mole on the right arm, two inches above the wrist. This male victim child was circumcised.

There were no clothing or accessories. His dental information/charting is available and entered. A DNA Sample submitted and tests are complete.

A traveler along the Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia noticed a carton. He saw that the box contained the nude body of a small child. The victim was naked and wrapped in a faded flannel blanket. It had a geometric multi-colored pattern. The boy’s fingernails had been carefully trimmed. His hair appeared to have been recently but unprofessionally cut. The box was marked with “Furniture, Fragile, Do not Open with Knife.” It originally contained a bassinet.

Identify T Boy I The Box!

This Boy In the Box has been unidentified for 60 years. This is longer than many of us have been alive. How can a child remain unidentified for decade after decade? It is truly perplexing. Was there no family anywhere who could or would claim him? Is it now too late to find out who this Boy in the Box is? It is not even know how he died. Who would put a child in a box and leave him nameless for all this time? It has been almost a lifetime. Someone, after all this time, is missing this child. Have loved ones of his have had to die not knowing what happened to him? Was he reported as missing? How can these questions and more remain unanswered after all these years? Who knows? Do you have any information concerning this Boy in the Box?

Identify T Boy I The Box!
Contact Information

You can attempt to match the Boy in the Box with a missing boy of his description. You can do this on the NamUs website.
You can attempt to match the Boy in the Box with a missing boy of his description. You can do this on the Doe Network website.

Investigating agency
Philadelphia County Medical Examiner’s Office
Case Manager: Seth Ditizio
Phone: 215-685-7445
Case number: 57-863

NamUs UID Link:Click here to view it.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.


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  1. Was any tissue ever saved that could be submitted to ancestry.com for familial matches?


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