Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!
She has been without her name for 37 years
After someone snuffed out her life.
Can she be matched with a missing woman from her time period?
Who is she? Do you know who she is?

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe! This woman was found murdered on October 11, 1980. She was found in Rockledge, Florida. Jane Doe is described as an African-American female. She was 25 years old when she was found. Her estimated height was 5’6″ tall. And her estimated weight was 120 pounds. This Doe’s hair was brown/red. And her eyes also were brown. Distinguishing physical marks like scars, tattoos, or piercings are unknown.

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!

On October 11, 1980, Rockledge Jane Doe was found. Her body was found near Murrell Road. This is an isolated rural road.Her estimated age was 25 years of age. This Doe was found in Rockledge, Florida. Reportedly, Jane Doe was wearing a red Pringles Chip t-shirt. She was also wearing blue jeans and white shoes. Dental records, fingerprints, and DNA are available for comparison.

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!

Investigators uncovered records during their investigation. The records come from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Detention Center. And they identified this victim as maybe being “Joanne English.” This is suggested in the above poster. However, authorities have determined that the victim provided an alias (a false name), Joanne English. She also provided a false Social Security Number and date of birth during her incarceration.

Identify Rockledge Jane Doe!
An Appeal

This is a heartbreaking case. Not only was this woman murder, but her name was taken from her. If she did use an alias, false SSN, and DOB, this may be harder to do. The only thing that may identify her is if someone comes forward with information. Is it possible to match her with an African-American woman who went missing around the year 1980 or in the late 1970s? Doing so may solve a cold case and bring answers to this woman’s family. You can visit the Doe Network website. At this website, the public can match unidentified people with missing people. the NamUs database. If you find a match you can contact the person below.

To provide or request additional information, please contact:
– Agent Joe Martin, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Florida, (321) 633-8413, – or – FBI ViCAP, (800) 634-4097, –
Contact ViCAP for information on how your agency can obtain access to the ViCAP Web
National Crime Database and view this case.

Agency Case #: 80-44796
ViCAP #: 1987FL00085
NamUs #: 2312
Alert # 2014-01-04; Released 01/27/2014; CTD
To review other ViCAP Alerts, please visit FBI ViCAP Cases.

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The above photo and additional information are courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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