Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!
She was found deceased two years ago.

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe She is an unidentified woman. She was found deceased in Los Angeles County, California. She was found in the Mount Baldy area. Therefore, I will call her Mount Baldy Jane Doe. Her age apparently was hard to estimate. But it is estimated be approximately 25 years old. Mount Baldy Jane Doe is determined to be a Caucasian female. Her remains apparently were badly decomposed. Therefore, it was not determine her size in height or weight. Nor could her hair color or eye color be estimated.

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!

On October 12, 2015, two hunters were searching for animals. They were looking along the mountain side. This was when they discovered a human skull lying on the ground. These hunters took the skull to a local sheriff’s office. Investigators conducted a search. And they recovered additional bones.At this scene, investigators also found jewelry. They also recovered a white metal band with 3 clear stones. Few details are available in the discovery of this unidentified female’s case.

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!
How We Can Help

Since this unidentified woman’s size and hair or eye color can’t be estimated, it will be harder to identify her. Her NamUs case information does not record any DNA exclusions. That is, no matches with missing women have been listed. So the field is wide open for trying to match Mount Baldy Jane Doe (my title) with a missing woman. Matches should be attempted with any missing woman who vanished in early October 2015, and earlier. Because the age could only be guessed, missing older teen girls (ages 18 to 19) can be attempted as matches. So can missing women from ages 20 to 30.

Identify Mount Baldy Jane Doe!

Mount Baldy Jane Doe’s remains belong to an older teen or woman who is loved and missed by someone (s). It is possible (and hoped) that she can be matched with a missing older teen or women from between the years 2015 and before that. She was someone’s daughter, friend, and loved one. Maybe she was someone’s mom or fiance or wife. Someone wants her home. But it can’t be done until she is identified. Do you have any information about the unidentified woman in the poster? Refer to the information below, if able to help.

If you recognize this female, please contact the Los Angeles County Coroner. Call at: (323) 343-0512.
ME/C Case Number: 2015-07092

You can attempt to match Mount Baldy Jane Doe with a missing woman at NamUs.

You can attempt to match Mount Baldy Jane Doe with a missing woman at Doe Network.

Information can be found in this unidentified female’s NamUs database.

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