Identify Lavender Jane Doe O Kilgore!

Identify Lavender Jane Doe O Kilgore!

Identify Lavender Jane Doe O KIlgore!
She was found over ten years ago.
Attempts have been made to match her
With missing females of her description
All to no avail. Who is she?

Identify Lavender Jane Doe O Kilgore!

Identify Lavender Jane Doe O Kilgore! She is an unidentified female who was found deceased on October 29, 2006. She was found in Gregg County, Texas. Her estimated age at her death was approximately 17 years old to 22 years old. Her estimated height at her death was approximately 5’3″ tall to 5’5″ tall. And she may have weighed approximately 100 pounds to 120 pounds. This unidentified female had reddish brown hair with blonde highlights. At her discovery, she was wearing blue jeans which were size 7/8. And she wore a mauve or purple pullover sweater. This unidentified female’s body reportedly was burned beyond recognition. On October 6, 2006, the burning body of Jane Doe was discovered on an oil field right-of-way off of Fritz Swanson Road in Kilgore.

Identify Lavender Jane Doe O Gregg County!
More Details

This unidentified female is typically known as Lavender Jane Doe. This may be because of the pullover sweater she was wearing at her discovery.An initial reconstruction of Jane Doe was released shortly after her body was discovered in October 2006. On October 2, 2013, her body was exhumed and her skull was used for another reconstruction using new 3D technology. This reconstruction was recently completed in January 2014 and released to the sheriff’s office. Both DNA and dental records were obtained during Jane Doe’s initial autopsy. Those records have been compared to hundreds of missing persons throughout the United States and North America without success.

The Gregg County Sheriff’s Department says they have received numerous calls. These calls regarded the possibility of the unidentified body being Brandy Wells. Wells has been eliminated through DNA and dental information.

Identify Lavender Jane Doe O Gregg County!

Somewhere someone is missing this unidentified girl right at this moment. They have been missing her for maybe 11 years. To them, she isn’t Lavender Jane Doe or any kind of Doe. She is a loved one with a unique name. She may be a missing teen who who fits the above description. Or she may be a young woman who fits the descriptions above. This family just do not realize that she has been found but she is not identified. Instead, she is known as Lavender Jane Doe. But this unidentified female may never have been reported as missing. Someone, someone (s) is still missing her. Identifying Lavender Jane Doe may have a cold case that has been haunting investigators for over a decade. And it may bring a missing person home.

You can try to match Lavender Jane Doe with a missing teen or young woman of her description. You can attempt a match on the NamUs website.
You can try to match Lavender Jane Doe with a missing teen or young woman of her description. You can do this on the Doe Network website.

Anyone with information regarding Jane Doe’s identity is asked to contact Lieutenant Kirk Haddix at 903-236-8411 or by email at
Medical Examiner Case #: JP3560-06.

This unidentified female’s database can be found on NamUs.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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