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Identify John Doe O Silver Bow!

Identify John Doe O Sillver Bow!

Identify John Doe O Silver Bow!
He was found deceased almost 6 years ago.
Can he be matched with a male who has been missing for
This amount of time, even longer?
Can he be matched with a missing boy or man?

Identify John Doe O Silver Bow!

Identify John Doe O Silver Bow! Silver Bow John Doe is an unidentified deceased male. He was found deceased on June 26, 2012. His estimated year of death possibly is 2011 to 2012. He was found in Butte, Montana and in the county of Silver Bow (Zip Code: 59701) This unidentified male’s race cannot be determined. His age cannot be estimated. But his gender has been determined to be male. Silver Bow John Doe’s weight cannot be estimated. It is believed that he was 6’2″ (72 inches). His body conditions were not recognizable. He was, in essence, partial remains with soft tissue. This unidentified male’s scars were identified. But based upon surgical intervention below, he would have at least one scar on the right leg.

Identify John Doe O Silver Bow!

Silver Bow John Doe’s remains were found within several garbage bags. People who were walking their dog found his remains. The investigation revealed that the color of this unidentified male’s eye color could not be determined. Nor could his hair color be determined. He had medical implants. They included a
rod in the right fibia (entire length of shaft). It is described with two screws proximal and two screws distal. His skeletal findings included two fracture calluses of right tibia and one fracture callus of right fibula. Silver Bow John Doe had prior surgery. The evidence was his sutures around the right knee and quadriceps tendon.

Silver Bow John Doe was found wearing Dickies-brand white socks. He also wore remnants of blue jeans and brown hiking boots. They were the- Red Wing brand, TC-Tech style, and size 11D USA. They had a partially red colored sole His fingerprints are currently unavailable.
His dental information is currently unavailable. A DNA sample has been submitted and tests are complete.

Identify John Doe O Silver Bow!

Who is this John Doe who was found in Silver Bow? Who is this unidentified deceased male? The investigation into his death remains on first base after almost 6 years. We do not even know how this John Doe has died. What if he died at the hands of another individual? That person can keep getting by with it because this John Doe of Silver Bow has never been identified. Even if this unidentified male victim died of natural causes, he deserves to be identified. Someone (s) somewhere, at this very moment, is missing son. This John Doe may be a missing boy or missing man. He may be someone (s) father. It’s definite that he is someone’s son. There is someone (s) with information, even small. Do you have any information that can identify Silver Bow John Doe?

Silver Bow County John Doe may be matched with a missing male of any age (age is this John Doe is unknown). This missing male needs to have been missing since June 26, 2012. You can do this on the NamUs website.
Silver Bow County John Doe may be matched with a missing male of any age (age is this John Doe is unknown). This missing male needs to have been missing since June 26, 2012. You can do this on the Doe Network website.

This unidentified male’s case information can be found on NamUs. Click here to view it.

Local Contact
Agency: Silver Bow County Coroner’s Office
Phone: 406-497-6447
NAMUS: UP #11036
Case # 12-06-14

Case Manager
Name: Walter Kemp
Phone: 406-406-728-4970

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.


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