Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!
She was found deceased five years ago.
And not only that, but she is unidentified.
She is believed to a teenager.
It is unknown how she met her untimely death.

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe! She is an unidentified female. This Jane Doe was found on October 16, 2012. Her body was found in Houston, Texas. It was found in the 12,700 block of Walters Road, in northwest Harris County (Houston), Texas. Her estimated age at death was age 15 to 17. Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe was estimated to be biracial. She may have been Caucasian/African-American ancestry. It is doubted that she was Latino (Hispanic). Her estimated year of death was 2012. Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe’s estimated height was 4’7″ to 5’3″ tall. Her hair was long, wavy, and curly. It was dark hair that was held back from the face with a standard bobby pin.

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!

When discovered, Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe wore a blue-green short sleeve t-shirt. (No size was indicated) It had Smurfette on front with daisy and the words, “He smurfs me, he smurfs me not”. Her shirt has no label but appears to be a size small. Houston_walters Jane Doe wore tan cargo pants. They were estimated to be a size five. She worse a black bra (34C) and pink thong underwear. This Jane Doe wore a bobby pin (s) in hair. Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe had an estimated small build with bones described as slightly osteopenic. This is considered a malformation of skull base that could represent a pathologic process.

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!
Clues About Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe’s Life

Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe may have been 15, 16 or 17. She had a pronounced overbite. She had 22 ribs instead of the usual 24. This Jane Doe had an asymmetry to her skull that may have been visible in her face, or not. It may have been caused by some kind of illness or syndrome, or not. She had dental work, but also teeth in severe decay, worn in places to pale yellow enamel. It was like the mouth of a person decades her age. The evidence does suggest the girl may have lived a life of poverty or illness. Growth-arrest lines in her thigh bones indicate she may have been malnourished, or ill, as a child. The fact that she had dental work, but more recent tooth decay, suggests a lifestyle change.

Identify Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe!Draft

Houston-Walters Jane Doe has been unidentified for over five years. And at her death, she was estimated to be in her teens. So it may be possible to match this unidentified young young female with a missing females. There may be a missing young female who may match her description. Somewhere, right now, someone (s) is missing her. This unidentified female probably has loved ones, friends, and a community who sorely miss her. Right mow, they she is missing to them and they do not know that she has been found. But she is unidentified. The mission is to match Houston-Alters Road Jane Doe with a missing teen girl who matches her description.

You may attempt to match Houston-Walters Jane Doe with a missing teen girl of her description. You can do this on the NamUs website.

You may attempt to match Houston-Walters Jane Doe with a missing teen girl of her description. You can do this on the Doe Network website.

If you know the identity of this female, or if you have any information pertaining to this case; please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Department at (713) 967-5810, or the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences at (713) 796-6774 – Case number ML12-3150

Houston-Walters Road Jane Doe’s information can be found in her NamUs database.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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