Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!
She was found deceased 27 years ago
And it is unknown who she is.
This is why we call her Grace Doe.
It’s believed that someone killed her and
The killer (s) needs to identified.

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County! She is an unidentified female. Grace Doe was found on December 2, 1990. Her body was found in McDonald County, Missouri. Investigators have determined that her death is a homicide. Her estimated age range was 21 to 31 years old. At her death, she may have weighed approximately 120 pounds. And she may have been approximately 5’5″ in height. Grace Doe may have been Caucasian, Native American, or bi-racial.

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!

Grace Doe’s body may have been found badly decomposed. For little physical description can be provided. Did Grace Doe have scars, marks, tattoos, or piercings? It could not be determined because of the reported condition of Grace Doe’s body. Nor could her eye color be determined. Her hair color is not provided. When found, Grace Doe was wearing a blue jean coat and a white t-shirt. She was wearing Lee brand blue jeans and white socks. She was also wearing white Fitness brand hi-top tennis shoes (7 1/2).

When alive, Grace is thought to have stood between 5’1” and 5’4” tall. (Other sources have her as tall as 6’3”). She was of slender build, and probably weighed around 120 pounds.
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The photos in the top poster are by Forensic Artist, Victoria Lywood of Montreal, Canada

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!

This unidentified female was named “Grace Doe.” For Detective Howard was once told it would be “by the grace of God” that this case will be solved. Howard is not giving up and is asking the public to please provide whatever information they may have to help solve her case. Such information bring her true name to her family. Grace Doe’s skeletal remains were found on December 2, 1990. Her body was found near an abandoned farmhouse on Oscar Talley Road. It is east of Lanagan, in McDonald County. She had apparently been hogtied with six different types of binding, including a military issue parachute cord. There were no bullet or knife wound marks. Nor were there signs of blunt force trauma on the skull or other bones. It indicates she may have been strangled.

The following people have been ruled out as being this this unidentified homicide victim. This is a list of missing women whom DNA testing have determined are not Grace Doe.

First Name Last Name Year of Birth State LKA
Diane Elmore 1958 Oklahoma
Hazel Klug 1962 Virginia
Janet Knife 1959 Missouri
Meredith Medina 1972 Oklahoma
Gloria Palmer 1944 Missouri
Patricia Schmidt 1964 Virginia
Tiffany Sessions 1968 Florida
Susan Swedell 1968 Minnesota
Nadine Timm 1935 Illinois

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!

Grace Doe is someone’s loved one. There is a family, friend, and community who have been missing this woman for at least 27 years. They probably have been missing her longer. And they may be the family, friends, and community of a missing loved one. Grace Doe may be able to be matched with a missing woman. The missing woman needs to be from the 1980 decade to 1990. She can be Caucasian, Native American or mixed. This missing woman needs to be in her 20’s to early 30’s. Identifying Grace Doe may bring answers to a family who have been waiting for at least 27 years for justice and answers.

Identify Grace Doe O McDonald County!
How We Can Help

Above is a list of missing women. These are missing women whom others tried to match with Grace Doe. DNA testing revealed that she was not any of them. This is why each of them is listed as being ruled out. So you need not waster valuable time trying to match Grace Doe with any of them. If this unidentified female is someone who has never been reported as missing, she still deserves to be identified. Without her name authorities cannot open a homicide investigation to determine how she dies. Nor can they identify her killer (s) or bring the to justice.

You can try to match Grace Doe with a missing woman on the NamUs website.

You can try to match Grace Doe with a missing woman on the Doe Network website.

McDonald County Sheriff Dept.; Detective Lori Howard
Phone: (417) 223-7430, or your local police.
Medical Examiner Case # 90-21

This unidentified female’s information can be found in her NamUs Database.

The top photo and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

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