Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified! ***(UPDATE: IDENTIFIED!)***

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, still unidentified!
He has remained unidentified for over three months.
He was found deceased on a beach and apparently abused.
Who is he? Who killed him? He has a name.

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified!

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, still unidentified! On October 20, 2017, police in Galveston, Texas found a body. It was the body ofof a male child on the beach. The beach is near the 700 block of Seawall Blvd. When found, the child was in the water, near the shoreline and was found unclothed. Police are offering a $15,000 for information leading to his identity. Galveston Little John Doe is believed to have been an abused child
It is believed that Galveston Little John Doe died around October 17 or 18. There were reverse drift analyses conducted by the US Coast Guard and the National Weather Service.

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified!

Based on this investigation, it is believed that Galveston Little John Doe’s body was put into the water locally. He was put in the Galveston County area. Information obtained at autopsy also shows that Galveston Little John Doe was deceased prior to going into the water. And the investigation revealed that he did not die as a result of drowning. The child’s body appeared to have been in the water between 12-48 hours. And autopsy results indicate that prior to his death, Galveston Little John Doe showed signs of neglect and injuries consistent with abuse. However, none of the injuries appeared to have been fatal.
At this time a cause of death has yet to be determined. However, police will continue to treat this case as a homicide until it can otherwise be ruled out.

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified!
Further Findings

Further investigation is needed to find out what happened to Galveston Little John Doe. And police say that the most crucial step in that investigation is identifying him. They are trying to exhaust all possible routes to identify Galveston County Little John Doe. The Galveston Police Department is now releasing a photograph of the boy. Police hope that someone seeing the true likeness of the child will confirm their suspicions that they know who this is. And police hope that the public can help them identify him. And this can determine the circumstances surrounding his death. One child is reportedly ruled out as being a match with Galveston Little John Doe. The child is a little boy missing from Zihuatanejo Mexico. That child’s name is Aaron David Parra Nogueda.

The child is described as approximately 3’0″ tall with a slender build. He had black hair and brown eyes. The FBI estimates his age range as being three to five years old. Someone, somewhere knows this child and can help identify him. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward. This is in addition to a $5,000 reward being offered by Crime Stoppers for the successful identification and location of the family members caring for this young boy at the time of his disappearance.

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified!

Galveston County Little John Doe has a name. What is keeping him from being identified? Someone is missing this child at this very moment. It is believed that he was an abused child. If this unidentified little boy was never reported as missing, it will probably take dental records or fingerprints to identify him. And his killer needs to be found. Neither is likely to ever happen unless tips and leads come in to investigators. Someone (s has information that can help identify this child and find his killer! Do you have any information concerning the identity of Galveston County Little John Doe? Do you have any information concerning the identity of his killer (s)?

Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified!
Contact Information

You can contact the FBI tip line: 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324). You can leave an online tip at: this webpage. OR You can contact your local FBI office. You can also contact FBI International Offices. You can contact the Houston Field Office at: (713) 693-5000

UPDATE: This child, often known as “Little Jacob,” has been identified as Jayden Lopez. Click here and learn more.

The top photo is courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The second photo is courtesy of the Galveston Police.
Source information is Locate the Missing.

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2 Responses to “Identify Galveston Little John Doe, Still Unidentified! ***(UPDATE: IDENTIFIED!)***

  • Estella
    2 years ago

    There is child who got lost in Zihuatanejo Guerrero México by the name of Aarón David Parra Nogueda who looks so much like this child. If someone can please look into this.

    • findmissing
      2 years ago

      Hello, Estella:

      That child has been ruled out. Police say: “GPD received tips in reference to Aaron David Parra Nogueda who is missing from Guerrero Mexico. Detectives have confirmed that this child is not Little Jacob. If you have any information please call 1-800-CALL-FBI.”

      Thank you!


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