Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)

Identify Carlton County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe!

Identify Carbon County pregnant teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)
When found, she was nine months pregnant.
She and her baby were found over 41 years ago.
And not only that, but she was found unidentified.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe!! (Part 1)

Identify Carbon County pregnant teen Beth Doe!! (Part 1) The estimated date range of birth for this victim are the years 1951 to 1962. As this is only an approximation, the dates can fall slightly out of this range. This pregnant teen victim has remained unidentified for 41 years. IT is estimated that this victim died approximately in December 13 to 19, 1976. It has been determined that her cause of death is strangulation. This victim’s body was found on December 20, 1976. Her current resting place is Laurytown Road Cemetery in Weatherly. This is located in Carbon County, Pennsylvania and in the United States.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)

This pregnant teen victim is known as the unidentified victim of a homicide. And as the mother of an unborn baby, so her baby is also a homicide victim. This unidentified teen’s estimated height range was 4’11” tall to 5’4″ tall. Her estimated weight was 140 pounds to 150 pounds. She is typically known as Beth Doe informally. Officially, she is reportedly known as Incident No. N3-27244. Carbon County, Pennsylvania is her resting place. So I call her Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe. She is an unidentified young European-American who was found murdered on December 20, 1976. Beth Doe was found in White Haven, Pennsylvania.

Yes, I call this victim Carbon County Pregnant Beth Doe. And many believe that Beth Doe was a pregnant teen victim. But she may have been slightly older than 19. Her exact age has not been determined. This pregnant teen victim has received national attention. This is because of the brutality of the crime and the fact that she was pregnant when she was killed. And it was also because she has remained unidentified for as long as she has.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)
Death N Discovery

At hear death and discovery, Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe was carrying a female unborn baby. This baby was none months old. Beth Doe reportedly had been sexually assaulted. She was strangled and an unknown person shot her in the neck. Beth Doe’s body was then dismembered with a serrated blade. Her nose, breasts, and ears were severed and have never been found. Beth Doe’s body parts and that of her baby’s, were placed into three suitcases. Two were striped with red, blue, and white. And the other one was tan with a plaid design. They were of vinyl material and were of the same. It was evident that the suitcases had been spray painted black at some point. It was clear also that their handles had been severed.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)
Disposal Method

The three suitcases were used to dispose of Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe’s body. An unknown person reportedly threw them off a bridge. The bridge was over the LeHigh River in White Haven, Pennsylvania. These suitcases were thrown along Interstate 80. They fell about 300 feet before hitting the ground. It is believed that the suitcases were thrown out of a vehicle traveling west. The killer most likely meant to have the suitcases land in the water below. This was to lessen the chance that they would be found. Two of the suitcases landed in the woods. They landed 20 feet from the river. The third held Beth Doe’s head and her unborn baby’s body. They were found on the river bank.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)

It was a teenage body who found Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe’s body. He reportedly found her body at approximately 4:30 P.M. This was within 7 hours to a week after her death. Two of the suitcases fell a long distance. Because of this, they had reportedly opened and parts of the body had emerged. Beth Doe’s head, her unborn baby’s body, and the two halves of Beth Doe’s torso were exposed. Other evidence included straw, packaging foam, and a bedspread. Evidence also included waterlogged fragments of a newspaper. It was later determined to have been The New York Sunday from September 26, 1976. The bedding and newspaper fragments had been wrapped over some of the body parts.

The newspaper reportedly was linked to the northern part of New Jersey. This was where the perpetrator may have had ties. The bedspread in the suitcases had a reddish-orange color. It was made of chenille fabric and was wrapped around some of Beth Doe’s body. It had yellow and pink embroidered flowers.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)

Here is how reconstructions of the three suitcases in which the victim was found, was done. After Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe’s body was found, she was fingerprinted. Her teeth were examined and recorded on a dental chart. The medical examiner reportedly noted that a set of numbers had been written on Beth Doe’s body. The ink, believed to have been from a pen, was on Beth Doe’s left hand. This indicates that Beth Doe was left-handed. This is if she had written it herself. The writing consisted of the letters WSR and the numbers 4 or 5. They were followed by 4 or 7. Beth Doe’s fingerprints were submitted to the FBI.But they did not match anyone in national databases.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe! (Part 1)
Facial Reconstruction

A sketch was made of Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe. This has been when she remained unidentified. The public has been asked for assistance. This reportedly resulted in few solid leads. Information about Beth Doe’s case was subsequently published across the country. This was to generate leads. After Beth Doe remained unidentified for a number of years, her body was buried in 1983. In 2007, her remains were exhumed to obtain additional forensic evidence. And it was done to create a new facial reconstruction. The national Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) released two reconstruction. The latest was in May 2015.

Identify Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe!! (Part 1)

The case of Carbon County pregnant teen Beth Doe is a narrow one. It is easy to narrow the matches down. Not many of the teens who vanish are pregnant as well as missing. At this very moment, someone is missing this teen girl. And they are missing the baby she was carrying. It is unknown if her unborn baby was given a name before birth. But this teen did have a name. Especially as a pregnant teen, how did she end up losing her name? It is 41 years since this pregnant teen and her unborn baby were found. At present, this teen’s mother and father may have died not knowing what happened to their daughter and granddaughter. But either one of them may be alive. And surely other family members and friends are alive. Identifying Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe
may solve the case of a cold case missing teen who was nine months pregnant.

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Do you have any information concerning Carbon County Pregnant Teen Beth Doe? If you have info, you can contact Carbon, Pennsylvania State Police. Contact
Corporal Thomas McAndrew at: 570-459-3890.

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