Give This Unidentified Woman Back H Name!

Missing, Unidentified, and Victims

Give Unidentified Woman Back Her Name!

Give this Unidentified woman back her name!
She will never make the news.
Somewhere, someone is missing her.
Someone knows something.

Give Unidentified Woman Back H Name!
How She Was Found

Give this unidentified woman back her name! She was found on Feb. 16. Just a month ago! It was about 7:10 A.M. A father was driving his children to school. He found this young lady’s’s lifeless body. How often do you go about your day and encounter that? A dead person’s body? According to police reports, her body indicates that her killer (s) shot her. Over and over. The report states that the killer (s) dumped her body near 8900 block of Sharpcrest Street near the West Beltway. It was in Southwest Houston, and in Harris County, Texas. Investigators believe that someone shot this young victim at another location. And then they moved the body, leaving her at Sharpcrest. Where the father had found her.

Give Unidentified Woman Back H Name!
Details about This Woman

It seems to have been easy to determine this lady’s physical traits. From the details provided. Often, if a person’s body’s is too badly decomposed, it will hinder an investigation. Investigators may not even be able to determine the person’s gender. This woman seems to have been Hispanic. Investigators guess this young lady’s age range to be approximately 15 to 25 years old. She may have been 5’8” and weighed around 108 pounds. She had dark, wavy hair. Brown eyes. Pierced ears. She was wearing a gray, knitted, short-sleeved shirt. On her left chest was a pink “Slope Bunny” embroidered emblem.

WE have other details about this unidentified woman. She was wearing Old Navy Blue Jeans. What size was she wearing? Investigators determined that she wore size 0. With them, she was wearing regular size purple ankle socks. And she wore high top converse Athletic shoes. They had red trim on them. They were women’s shoe six. As are shown on the poster, she had three metal rings. These were on her hands. One of the rings was made up of elephants. Apparently, she was a tall, slim, trendy young lady.

Give Unidentified Woman Back H Name!

What does this all mean? Well, somewhere, someone loves this young lady. Someone is missing her. Some family is right now suffering the agony unique to families of the missing. Hoping that that their daughter is alive. Wondering what has been done to her. Sensing that she may not be alive. We may wonder: Why has no one come forward to claim her? Surely they have to have some awareness of her case! Well, the family may not even recognize this poster as their missing loved one. Maybe they believe she is still alive. Or they may not be aware that this case is out there? For unidentified persons rarely make the news. As this woman is unidentified, their local law enforcement agency can’t help them.

Give Unidentified Woman Back H Name!
How 2 Help

Who can help? you may wonder. Well, law enforcement (LE) can’t do it all. They are busy investigation many active crime cases. They can’t do much about unidentified cases. These investigators also can’t do much about unsolved missing persons cases. Guess what? That is where we, the public, come in! Cops and investigators count on us to call the with tips. They aren’t mind-readers. When we have any suspected info concerning cases, they depend on us to clue them in. I know that many of us are nervous about dealing with LE. Believe me, I share your feeling! But when it comes to third party cases,we can stay anonymous.

To submit tips about this woman, please call: (713) 796-9292 or (713) 796-6740. This young lady’s killer (s) remain at large. Still wanted. If you have any info leading to an arrest, please call: (713) 308-3600 or (712) TIPS (8477). We all can share her poster, until the person who holds the key to identifying her, sees it!

The above poster and facts provided courtesy of Locate The MIssing, which I’m not a partner of or affiliated with.

I'm a Christian, meaning that I have a relationship with God, through trust in His Son Jesus. Through this website, which is currently the only website I have, It is a full-time job to give myself to this website, which includes updating cases. I seek to broadcast missing people, unidentified people, and crime victims. These include those of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life. If you see something on here that needs an update, please contact me. Thank you.

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