Give This Unidentified Child Back Her Name!

Give This Unidentified Child Back Her Name!

Give this unidentified child back her name!

Give This Unidentified Child Back Her Name!
How Was She Found?

Give this unidentified child back her name! She is believed to be a homicide victim. This child was found in a barrel in Allenstown. A Caucasian female, she was found in Allenstown, New Hampshire. Investigators estimate that this child was between the ages of eight and eleven. They estimate her height at about 53 inches. And they can’t estimate how much this child weighed. This victim had fine hair which was dark blonde. Maybe it was light brown in color. Investigators can’t determine her eye color.She may have piercings. Maybe there are two piercings in each ear.

Give This Unidentified Child Back Her Name!
MOre We Need to Know

A hunter had discovered a woman and a girl. That girl is believed to be five to eleven years old. The woman’s DNA shows that she was the unidentified girl’s mother. The hunters found them in a plastic bag in a barrel. That barrel was made of steel. It was near the state Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. Both of them were found in 1985. But fifteen years later? An investigator had revisited this case. And this person found a second steel drum. And what did that drum contain? In it the investigator found two other girls. One is believed to be one to three years old. the other is believed to be two to four years old.

Give This Unidentified Child Back Her Name!

What explains the new discoveries? Fifteen years later? Apparently, the barrel with the other small girls in it, wasn’t found in the first search. I’m talking about the 1985 discovery. That’s when the unidentified girl (estimated to be eight to eleven years old) was found. But why do later poster facts estimate her age to be five to eleven years old? This is broader than the eight to eleven years old that she was initially estimated. This is the difference in investigators. And it seems that we have multiple unidentified persons. Yet only the girl seems to be pictured.

In the poster, both the composite and the bottom recreations, have been created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Case #: 8-1051
NamUs: UP:#:2173

Help give this girl back her name! Hopefully, this will lead to the others being given back their names, also. If anyone has information about this case? You are asked to call the New Hampshire Medical Examiner’s Office: (603) 271-1235.

The above poster and information are provided courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc., a nonprofit which I’m not a partner of or affiliated with.

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Give This Unidentified Girl Back Her Name!


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