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Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!

Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!
Get justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!
Her life was taken from her when she was 16
And had her whole life ahead of her.
For some 40 years, some killer (s) has had freedom
And literally gotten by with murder.
For some 40 years, a family and community
Have had no answers or peace.
But it’s time for justice.

Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!

Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander! Tammy Jo Alexander was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born in the year 1963. Alexander was a Caucasian female. At the time of her homicide, she was 5’3″ tall and 115 pounds. Her hair was brown and described as having frosted tips. Alexander’s eyes were brown. When she was fund deceased, Tammy wore tan corduroy jeans and a multi-colored plaid cotton/polyester shirt. She wore blue knee socks and brown rippled-sole shoes. Alexander worse a red nylon-lined man’s windbreaker with black stripes down the arm. It also had a collar label reading “Auto Sports Products, Inc.”

Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!

Tammy Jo Alexander had accessories. When she was found, she wore a silver necklace with three small small turquoise stones. One of them resembled a bird. She also had with her a two-piece locket key-chain. It came with one piece in the shape of a heart. And the heart-shaped piece came with a key-shaped slot cut in it. And it had an inscription reading “He who holds the key can open my heart.” And the second piece was the key that fits into the slot in the heart.

Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!

It was November 10, 1979 and in Caledonia, New York. The body of an unidentified girl, 16 years old, was located. It was found in a cornfield off New York State Route 20. Reportedly, a .38 caliber weapon was used to murder this girl. Investigations revealed that she was had been shot in the head and dragged into the cornfield from the road. And then she was short again in the back. On January 26, 2015, law enforcement officials (LEOs) in Livingston County, new York, made an announcement. They stated that the female been identified through the use of DNA.

According to the law enforcement officials, the unidentified girl had been finally identified as Tammy Jo Alexander. She was from Brooksville, Florida. Alexander had disappeared from her home in Florida in 1979. At the time, Alexander was known to run away from the area. Sometimes she hitchhiked with truckers, as she lived near a truck stop.

Get Justice 4 Tammy Jo Alexander!

For up to 40 years, Tammy’s family, friends and community have had to live with the loss of one taken from them way too early. Even worse, they don’t even know who are the person (s) responsible for her untimely death and senseless murder. Nor do they have the comfort of knowing that the person (s) is locked up and can’t hurt anyone else. Their pain will never end. But they will find it more bearable if they know that the person (s) responsible are identified and are locked up, never to hurt anyone again. Someone (s) knows something about the crime.

Do you have any information that can help identify the killer (s) of Tammy Jo Alexander? Know anything about the whereabouts of the unidentified suspect (s)? If so, multiple options for contacting authorities are below.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000. IT is for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the homicide of Tammy Jo Alexander.

County Sheriff’s Office at 1-844-LCSO-TIP (1-844-527-6847),
You can contact the FBI tip line at: 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324)

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

You can locate and contact your local FBI office. Click here to locate your local FBI office.

The top image and additional information are courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Facebook page has been set up, called Tammy Jo Alexander Documentary. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.


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