Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki!

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Wyzicki!

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki!
At least 25 years ago, a killer (s) took the life
Of this young woman.
The killer (s) literally got by with murder
For 25 long years.

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki!

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki! She is a murder victim. Tammy J. Zywicki was found deceased in Lawrence County, Missouri. Her body was found on August 23, 1992. Tammy J. Zywicki was a Caucasian female. She was born in the year 1971. Zywicki is described as 5’2″ and 120 pounds when she was found. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were green. On August 23, 1992, Tammy J. Zywicki left Evanston, Illinois. And she headed to Grinnell, Iowa, for college. She was expected to arrive there that evening. But, according to her mother, Tammy never arrived there.

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki!

Later in the day on August 23, 1992, an Illinois State Trooper found Zywicki’s car. The officer ticketed the car as being abandoned. On October 24, 1992, the Illinois State police towed Zywicki’s car. On that same evening, Tammy’s mother contacted the Illinois State Police. She told them that her daughter had not arrived at college. After being missing for a week, Zywicki’s body was found along Interstate Interstate Highway (I-44) in rural Lawrence County, Missouri. It is located between Springfield and Joplin, Missouri. She had been stabbed to death.

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki!
Description of Unidentified Suspect

When last seen, Zywicki was reportedly with her car (shown in the top poster). Her car was at mile marker 83 on I-80 in Central Illinois. The time was between 3:10 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. on August 23, 1992. Reportedly, a tractor/trailor was seen near Zywicki’s vehicle during this time period. The driver of the trailer is described as a Caucasian male. His estimated age is between 35 and 40 years of age. His estimated height is over six feet tall. The unidentified suspect’s hair is described as dark and bushy. Some of Tammy J. Zywicki’s personal belongings are known to be missing.

Tammy J. Zywicki’s missing possessions include a Cannon 35mm camera and a musical wrist watch. The watch is a Lorus brand. It has a green umbrella on its face and a green band. The watch plays the tune “Raindrops are Falling on my head.” Zywicki may have had or was in possession of, a soccer club patch. It is similar to the one pictured in the above poster.

There is Facebook group set up to trying to solve Tammy J. Zywicki. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group..

Get Justice 4 Tammy J. Zywicki!

A young woman lost her life at the hand of a killer(s). And the individual (s) literally got by with murder for 25 years. Tammy J. Zywicki’s family has had no answers for that length of time. How could this person (s) hide out for so long? Is someone hiding this person (s)? Covering up a vicious crime? Protecting a criminal (s) and ignoring the victim and her family? But some people may have information about Zywicki’s killer (s) and not be aware of it or think it is too small. Do you have even a small piece of information
about the person (s) responsible for the death of Tammy J. Zywicki? Any of her missing possessions? If you do, don’t hesitate! Contact the FBI through one of the channels below.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $50,000. The reward is for information leading to the identification of the individual or individuals responsible for this murder.

You can contact the FBI tip line at: 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324)

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

You can locate and contact your local FBI office. Click here to locate your local FBI office.

The above photo is courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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