Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)

Find Yingying Zhang Still Missing!! (Part 3)
Her love for study and education
Brought her to the U.S. for more.
Instead of the education she dreamed of
She found herself being held against her will
And in a place where no one
Knows where she now is.
Where is Yingying?

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing!(Part 3)

Find Yingying Zhang, still missing! Zhang was born in the year. She was born in Nanping, Fujian, China. Yingying went missing from Urbana, Illinois and in the United States. At the time of her disappearance, Zhang was 26 years old. Her current age is 26 years old. She has been missing since June 9, 2017. Zhang’s higher education background include Sun Yat-sen University. It includes Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. And it includes University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Yingying is 5’4″ tall and 110 pounds. She is Asian and a Chinese Citizen.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)

Yingying Zhang is her name in English. In Chinese it is: 章莹颖; pinyin. Zhang is a Chinese visiting scholar in the United States. When last seen, on June 9, 2017, Yingying Zhang was getting into a car. The car was at a bus stop on the campus at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. On June 30, 2017, the FBI arrested and charged Brendt Allen Christensen. He is a Champaign resident and former physics graduate student at the university. Christensen was charged with kidnapping Zhang. Based on evidence uncovered in the investigation, law enforcement officials have made a determination. They state that it is unlikely that Zhang will be found alive.

This is the conclusion to this series article.

Find Missing Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)
July 2017 Court Hearing Continued

Bryan Freres, the Assistant U.S. Attorney, further laid out the case against Christensen in a July 2017 court hearing. After arguing about Christensen’s “perfect victim statement,” he stated that Christensen was also caught on an audio recording. On it, Christensen was threatening someone. That individual, in turn, provided incriminating evidence to the police. Evan Bruno countered that his client ought to be released on bail. He argued that his client had no criminal record. And he had ties to the local community. Also, there were things Christensen had not said. And “what matters is whether there will be evidence to support the charge.”

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)
Unconfirmed Sightings

There were unconfirmed sightings of Yingying Zhang. On June 16, several Salem, Illinois citizens reported that they saw an Asian woman. She matched Zhang’s description. Zhang’s family traveled to Salem to follow possible leads. And the FBI began to investigate these reports. On July 11, detectives from the Salem Police Department traveled to Champaign to meet with Zhang’s family members. And they went to show them them the video surveillance of the woman taken from several local businesses on June 16. Also, the family were shown the video footage. It showed that the Salem woman of June 16 had also been seen on in Salem on May 19, long before Zhang was missing. Her family denied that the sighted Salem woman was Yingying Zhang.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)

Yingying Zhang’s alleged kidnapper was indicted on July 12. A federal grand jury formally indicted Brendt Christensen for kidnapping Yingying Zhang. The indictment alleges that Christensen “willfully and unlawfully seized, confined, inveigled, decoyed, kidnapped, abducted, and carried away” Zhang. The indictment continued, “and otherwise held her for his own benefit and purpose, and used and caused to be used a means, facility and instrumentality of interstate commerce, namely,…” The indictment continued, “a Motorola cellular telephone and a Saturn Astra motor vehicle, in committing and in furtherance of the commission of the offense.” If Christensen is convicted of kidnapping, he could face up to life in prison.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)
Alleged Kidnapper’s Arraignment

On July 20, Christensen’s arraignment was held. He entered a “not guilty” plea. Reportedly, for the first time since he appeared, he stated that he was taking a medication, Klonopin, “as an anti-depressant.” He was responding to a question by Judge Eric Long. “I think this could go on a year or more,” defense attorney Anthony Bruno reportedly said after the arraignment. And he stated that Christensen “demanded a jury trial.” Initially, reports said Christensen’s trial date was set for September 12 in Urbana. At a August 28 pretrial hearing, a federal judge said yes to the attorneys of Christensen when they requested a continuance. Reportedly, the U.S. Attorney’s Office joined in the request. This would give the defendant more time to prepare his defense.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)
Upcoming TRial

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Freres raised another possibility when the request was made. He brought up the possibility that a superseding indictment, with additional charges, could be filed It could be done before the case goes to trial. It would require the case to return to a grand jury. And, reportedly, the trial was rescheduled for February 27, 2018. On September 1, Christensen’s attorneys filed a motion requesting to withdraw from the case. They cited his inability to pay for the intensive defense that would be required for a potential capital offense. At a hearing on September 8 to address the motion to withdraw, Freres confirmed that a superseding indictment would be filed sometime in October. The motion to withdraw was granted. Reportedly, a public defender was appointed to represent Christensen in the upcoming trial.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)
Wrapping It Up (Not Really)

Shortly before her disappearance, Zhang tried to get the attention of and board a MTD bus. However, because she was on the wrong side of the street, the bus reportedly did not stop. CUMTD defended the actions of the bus driver. They stated that it is contrary to company policy to stop for pedestrians on the wrong side of the street. For to do so would encourage them to run into oncoming traffic. And there is another issue. Reportedly, investigators, at first, couldn’t discern the license plate number of the vehicle from security camera footage.

A reported positive development involves the University where Yingying Zhang has been attending. Reportedly, the University announced that they planned to install additional, high-definition, security cameras throughout the campus.

In all this discussion of the suspect and the investigation, let’s never forget the victim, Yingying Zhang, and all those who care about her.

We miss you, Yingying.

It's been two months. People continue searching for you. The Police and the family are still working hard. We won't give up.

Posted by Find Yingying on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 3)

The family of Yingying Zhang still have yet to go through the stress, pain, and expense of a trial. They will have to face the person who is responsible for their loved one’s disappearance. Zhang’s loved ones will have to endure the uncertainty of a trial verdict. If it doesn’t go their way, it’ll be just adding to their pain. We cannot do anything about these things, of curse. But they have a Facebook group and page. If you use Facebook, you can show them your support. Most of all, someone (s) with information needs to come forward! Can you be one who can do it? Do you have any information about the actual whereabouts of Yingying Zhang? Even a small piece of information can help bring this young woman home.

If you have info, please contact:
Crime Stopper: (217) 373-8477
OR The Federal Bureau of Investigation: (217) 522-9675.
OR Tip line Website

UPDATE: This is a June 2019 article about how the suspect has been convicted in the abduction and murder of Yingying Zhang. Click here to learn more.

Yingying’s family have set up the Find Yingying Group. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group..

Yingying’s family have set at the Find Yingying Facebook page. Images on this post are courtesy of this Facebook page. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

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