Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing!

Find Yingying Zhang, still missing! (part 2)
She has been missing for seven months.
The car used to take her has been found.
The car’s owner and driver has been charged in her case.
But Yingying has never been found.
Where is she? Her loved ones are desperate!

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)

Find Yingying Zhang, still missing! Zhang was born in the year. She was born in Nanping, Fujian, China. Yingying went missing from Urbana, Illinois and in the United States. At the time of her disappearance, Zhang was 26 years old. Her current age is 26 years old. She has been missing since June 9, 2017. Zhang’s higher education background include Sun Yat-sen University. It includes Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. And it includes University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Yingying is 5’4″ tall and 110 pounds. She is Asian and a Chinese Citizen.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)

Yingying Zhang is her name in English. In Chinese it is: 章莹颖; pinyin. Zhang is a Chinese visiting scholar in the United States. When last seen, on June 9, 2017, Yingying Zhang was getting into a car. The car was at a bus stop on the campus at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. On June 30, 2017, the FBI arrested and charged Brendt Allen Christensen. He is a Champaign resident and former physics graduate student at the university. Christensen was charged with kidnapping Zhang. Based on evidence uncovered in the investigation, law enforcement officials have made a determination. They state that it is unlikely that Zhang will be found alive.

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Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)
Reviewing The Surviellance Footage

On June !4, investigators reviewed the surveillance video footage. They observed that the sunroof of the car was like the one on Christensen’s car. They also observed the cracked hubcap that the car in the video had. Then they checked out Christensen’s car. It, too, had a cracked hubcap, they discovered. Investigators concluded that the car in the video belonged to Yingying’s presumed abductor. So local police and FBI investigators questioned Christensen on June 15.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)
Search Warrant

Then investigators got a search warrant for Christensen’s car. The black Saturn Astra, at first, was towed to a secure bay at the Champaign Police Department. And on June 18, it was taken to the FBI Springfield Division’s main office. That office is located in Springfield, Illinois. Reportedly, investigators made an observation about the passenger side of his car. They saw that it “appeared to have been cleaned to a more diligent extent than the other vehicle doors.” According to them, this was likely to hide evidence.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)
Suspect Claims

Reportedly, Christensen admitted that he had given Zhang a ride. For investigators questioned him on June 15. But he claimed that he had dropped her off. He did this after just a few blocks. Then Zhang, he claimed, panicked at a wrong turn. At the same time investigators questioned Christensen, agents at his apartment sought permission to conduct more searches. They requested and received written permission from someone else who lived at the residence.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)
More Searches

Apparently, circumstantial evidence was overwhelming. Agents saw the need to search and seize other item at the apartment. They took possession of computers and one of Christensen’s cell phone. And then they looked for and attained a federal search warrant. Agents wanted to do a forensic examination of the phone. Then, at about June 16, law enforcement agencies placed Christensen under constant surveillance. Then an FBI agent filed an affidavit. It said that on June 29, police obtained an audio recording.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)
The Arrest & Charge of the Suspect

Material caught on audio or video is powerful evidence. On audio, Christensen bragged about the kidnapping of Zhang. He claimed that she had fought with him. Then he had brought Zhang back to his apartment. And he confessed to holding her there against her will. The FBI arrested and charged Brendt A. Christensen with kidnapping Yingying Zhang on June 30. Reportedly, he had no prior criminal record. Nor did he have any record of being disciplined at the University. Though they were unwilling to explain why, investigators stated that they believed that Yingying Zhang was no longer alive.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)

Suspects can go to great lengths to plan crimes they are alleged with committing. An FBI report makes a note of what Christensen to to “prepare” for his alleged kidnapping of Zhang. He had used his cell phone to access the fetish website Fetlife. He reportedly visited forums such as “Abduction 101.” Reportedly, under Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 55, § 1201 of federal law, Christensen was charged with kidnapping Zhang. According to the law, if a kidnapping results in the death of any human being, the offender should receive life in prison or the death penalty.

Find Yingying Zhang, Still MIssing! (Part 2)
July 2017 Court Hearing

On July 5, 2017, there was a court hearing. U.S. Magistrate Eric I.Long denied bail for Christensen. He had heard submissions from the prosecutor and Christensen’s attorneys. Evan and Tom Bruno are their names. According to Long, Zhang was still missing. And that fact weighed against Christensen. After all, it was he who was the last person to see Yingying Zhang. Bryan Freres is Assistant U.S. Attorney. He reportedly stated that there was no “combination of conditions” where Christensen wasn’t a danger to the public. Freres told the federal judge that Christensen had outlined “the characteristics of his ideal victim.” And he had pointed out who matched these traits when he was at a vigil that he attended for the missing scholar Zhang.

The are images of a few of the everyday people who support Yingying Zhang and her family and friends.

A beautiful evening with all these beautiful people. Thanks for everyone coming and walking with us. We believe Yingying can feel everyone's pray and will be strong until we find her.

Posted by Find Yingying on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Find Yingying Zhang, Still Missing! (Part 2)

Yingying Zhang’s family are desperate to find her. They feel that authorities seem to have given up because of their theory about Yingying Zhang’s “fate.” And they are frustrated with the pace of the investigation. And I have noticed that the FBI have removed Zhang’s FBI Missing Persons poster from their website. Rarely do they remove their posters until a case is resolved. Yingying’s case is not resolved. She has not been found! And someone else may be holding her against her will. This family need our help. She has been missing for over seven months by now. Zhang’s story needs to continue to be circulated until she is located.

Do you have any information as to the whereabouts of Yingying Zhang? Anyone else who may be involved in her disappearance? No information is to small to help her desperate family. Consider the contact options below.

Crime Stopper: (217) 373-8477
OR The Federal Bureau of Investigation: (217) 522-9675.
OR Tip line Website

So many details and complexities are present in Yingying Zhang’s disappearance. The rest of her story, with what has happened so far, continue in Part 3 of her story.

UPDATE: This is a June 2019 article about how the suspect has been convicted in the abduction and murder of Yingying Zhang. Click here to learn more.

Yingying’s family have set up the Find Yingying Group. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group..

Yingying’s family have set at the Find Yingying Facebook page. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

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