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Find Shanaya Coley, Still Missing! ***(TRAGIC UPDATE: BODY FOUND IN CAR)***


Find Shanaya Coley, still missing!
She is a young mother with a small son who needs her.
She works as a nurse’s aide in a home
For children with special needs.
Blood and her glasses were found in the driveway
Where she may have been abducted in her own vehicle.

Find Shanaya Coley, Still Missing!

Find Shanaya Coley, Still Missing! Shanaya Coley is a 24 year old young single mother. She also works at Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat, a home that serves children with special needs. The Passiac County Prosecutor’s Office said that Shanaya Coley was possibly abducted. She is from Paterson, New Jersey. Shanaya was last seen on December 5, 2017, at about 10: 49 P.M. She was last seen in the area of Colonial Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey. Shanaya was leaving her home to go to her go to her nurse’s aide job. But somewhere between her home and driveway, blood and her glasses were found. Shanaya’s car is missing and she is presumed to be abducted in her vehicle.

Find Shanaya Coley, Still Missing!
The Parking Lot

Somewhere between Shanaya’s home and her driveway, blood and her glasses were found. On the Facebook page, Find Shanaya Coley, her loved ones released a photo of that driveway. They are especially interested in information from anyone who lives on or near Colonial Avenue, in Paterson, New Jersey. And they ask if you know anyone who lives in that area. Do you have any family or friends who live in this area? Do you know or know about anyone in the area? Have you or they seen or heard anything on December 5th? At around 10:50 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.? You are asked to get in touch with authorities, even if you feel your information is small.

According to Shanaya’s loved ones, here is the parking spot her glasses were found.

Find Shanaya Coley, Still Missing!
The Vehicle

Shanaya Coley’s vehicle is described as a gray 2013 Nissan Altima with New Jersey plates: R74-HRX. On their Facebook page, Find Shanaya Coley, her family have released a the photo of a vehicle which looks like Shanaya’s missing vehicle. It is stressed that the color and year, make and model of this car look much like Shanaya’s car, the vehicle that she is believed to have been abducted in. Her loved ones stress that if you see this car, PLEASE call
9-1-1 immediately!

Find Shanaya Coley, Still Missing!

Shanaya Coley is obviously in grave physical danger. Her loved ones have to be besides themselves with deep concern for her well-being. As her car is missing, it may mean that she is being held against her will. And the unidentified suspect who stabbed Shanaya, attacked her, and possibly took her, needs to be found. This person (s) needs to be arrested and convicted for the safety of the public. Her family state that false info about restraining orders has been circulated. Her family state that there are no restraining orders linked to Shanaya. It is unknown if the attacks on Shanaya are random or targeted. It is a couple of weeks before Christmas. Shanaya and her family, including her son, desperately need a Christmas miracle! And don’t forget the children with special needs whom Shanaya cares for. Many people love and miss Shanaya and want her back home!

TRAGIC UPDATE: The body of Shanaya Coley was found inside her car, which was located. Click here and learn more.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dec. Sgt. Marco Aliano of the Passaic County Prosecutor’s office at 862-849-6019 or the Paterson Police Department’s Major Crimes Division at 973-321-1120.

A Facebook page, titled Find Shanaya Coley, has been set up for this missing mom. It is the image source for images and information on this post.
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A Go Fund Me fundraising campaign has been set up to raise funds to find Shanaya Coley. It is called Bring Shanaya Home. Can’t give? Our shares can help raise funds. Click here to and learn more.

The top image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.


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