Find Renee Martine LaManna, Still Missing!

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!
She has been missing for 24 long years.
It is believed that she can be living
As a homeless or unidentified person.

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna! Renee has been missing since January 8, 1994. She is missing from Somers POint, New Jersey. Her case is classified as endangered missing. LaManna was born in the year 1958. At the time of her disappearance, Renee was 35 years old. Her current age is 59 years old. Renee LaManna is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’2″ tall and 100 pounds. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. When last seen, Renee was wearing an over-sized white sweatshirt, and red silk pajama pants. She also wore white socks and slippers.

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

Renee LaManna has a widow’s peak on her forehead. And she has a keloid scar on one of her inner elbows. Reportedly, LaManna had converted to the Muslim faith before she went missing in 1994. Because of her religious beliefs, she doesn’t drink alcohol or use drugs. She also kept up a vegan diet in 1994. Some agencies may spell her last name as “LaManna.” LaManna may use the names Darleen Hansen, Darleen Hartsfield, Darleen Hatfield, Renee Leman and/or Jean Smith. Renee LaManna speaks French, Arabic, Portuguese, and Farsi as well as English.

Renee LaManna has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, which causes panic attacks. And it sometimes makes her agitated and paranoid. Reportedly, she was hospitalized briefly on the day of her disappearance. This was because of her condition. It may be that Renee suffers from amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is or how to get home.

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

Before her disappearance, Renee LaManna lived in Fresh Meadows, New York. That was the year 1994. She was studying nuclear medicine technology. Reportedly, on January 8, 1994, she was found walking the streets of New York City borough of Queens. LaManna was in an incoherent state and taken to Queens Center Psychiatric Hospital. They wanted to give her a psychiatric evaluation. Then LaManna was taken to her sister’s home. It is located in the 2500 block of Wesley Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey. This was after her discharge that day. Reportedly, they also had dinner.

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

Suddenly, Renee LaManna ran from the house at approximately 7:00 P.M. that evening. And the outside temperature was below freezing. LaManna was reportedly carrying her navy blue bathrobe with her at the time. When she was last seen, Renee was inside the Waterfront Bar in Somers Point, New Jersey. She was last seen at approximately 9:00 P.M. Renee LaManna has never been heard from again. Renee’s bathrobe was discovered two blocks from the establishment shortly afterwards. A sheriff’s department traced LaManna’s scent between two homes on Central Avenue in Ocean City. But there was no other evidence of LaManna at the time.

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

It is believed that Renee LaManna may have hitchhiked out of the area. Renee Lamanna may have reportedly have been sighted in New Jersey in May 1995. And she may reportedly have been sighted in New York in December 1995. Between 2014 and 2016, there were reported sightings of a woman of Renee LaManna’s description. The sightings occurred in in Virginia and in North Carolina. She was hitchhiking and had maps of several different states. And she told people that she was looking for her family. The woman was located in Florida in January 2016. She was not Renee LaManna.

According to Renee LaManna’s sister, Renee graduated from the University of Scranton. And she volunteered with the Peace Corps in Morocco. She dated an Afghan immigrant taxi driver for ten years. When that relationship ended, it triggered her mental breakdown on the day of her disappearance. According to her sister, Renee LaManna was suffering from anorexia as well as anxiety at the time. Some agencies state that Lamanna vanished from Ocean City, New Jersey.

Find Renee Martine LaManna, Still Missing!

Find Missing Renee Martine LaManna!

The sightings of Renee may not have been confirmed. But the fact that there have been multiple sightings means that Renee LaManna may still be alive. If she is living as a homeless or unidentified person, she probable is as anxious to find her family as they are to find her. What keeps them from finding their way to each other? This woman’s family are pushing awareness of her. I would not have become aware of Renee Lamanna if her family members had not used social media to push awareness of her. As many families do, they hold offline events. We can show support for Renee’s family be “liking” the page (linked below).

Someone (s) has information that can finally bring Renee LaManna home after 24 years! Is this you? Do you have any information that can help locate her? You are asked to refer to either of the contact options below or call 9-1-1.

Ocean City Police Department
OR the family tip line
1-888-RENEE-11 (736-3311)
Ocean City Police Department

Agency Case Number: OCPD-94-00205
NCIC Number: M702254323
NamUs Number: MP1232

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A Facebook page, titled Renee LaManna-Missing and Lost Far Too Long, has been set up for her. Images on this page are courtesy of that page. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.
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This article about Renee Martine Lamanna was written from a sister’s point of view. Click here and learn more.
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