Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Find Pearl Pinson, still missing!
Almost years ago, she was violently abducted
And taken by force.
Drops of blood were found at the abduction scene.
Later, the kidnapper was
Killed in a police stand-off.
What happened to Pearl? Where is she?

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Find Pearl Pinson, still missing! Pearl Pinson has been missing since May 25, 2015. She is missing from Vallejo, California. Her case is classified as a non-family abduction. Pearl Pinson was born in the year 2000. At the time of her disappearance, Pearl was 15 years old. Her current age is 19 years old. Pearl Pinson is a Caucasian female. At the time of her disappearance, Pearl was 5’3″ tall and 130 pounds. Her hair is described as light brown hair. Her eyes are described as blue/green. At the time of her disappearance, Pearl’s hair was dyed green. The left side of her lower lip is pierced.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

When she was last seen, Pearl was wearing a black and white zip-up jacket and a gray sweater or sweatshirt. She was also wearing black leggings or sweatpants. Pear was wearing pink, black, and white Nike Turfs shoes. She was
also wearing a black Raiders beanie cap. Pearl was carrying a black and turquoise backpack with a Joker emblem on it. She reportedly may be in need of medical attention for what are called unspecified reasons. Below is a family photo of a Pearl’s school backpack (not her actual backpack).

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Representation of backpack Pearl Pinson was carrying when abducted (not her actual backpack)

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

It was May 25, 2016 in Vallejo, California. It was on this day that Pearl Pinson was last seen. Shortly before 7:00 A.M., Pearl was walking to the school bus stop. A witness saw an armed Latino male across a pedestrian overpass. He was found along along Interstate 780 near Taylor Avenue. The male later was identified as Fernando Castro. Pearl’s face was covered in blood and she was screaming for help.The witness heard at least one gunshot. The witness called 9-1-1 and police arrived. When they arrived, they found a bloodstain. Pearl’s cell phone was also on the overpass. However, there was no sign of Pearl or her abductor.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Car of Fernando Castro, used to abduct Pearl Pinson

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Fernando Castro had what is termed a minor criminal history. But he had no record of crimes involving stalking or kidnapping. Reportedly, Castro’s family was “blindsided” when they learned what he had done. Some reports stated that Pear knew him, maybe her boyfriend. However, he was not her boyfriend. It seems that she didn’t know him at all. Investigators could find no evidence of any prior contact between Pearl and her kidnapper. This includes online or in person.

Pearl’s family released a photo of Pearl’s abductor, whom many believe took clues in her disappearance to the grave with him. In March 2017, someone made a public plea along with a post of Pearl’s deceased abductor.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Fernando Castro, Abductor of Pearl Pinson

This is Fernando Castro who kidnapped Pearl and was shot dead by police before he could be questioned. If you know anything about him that could help find Pearl Pinson do the right thing and contact the tip line. Your identity will be protected.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!
Suicide By Cop

Castro was sighted driving his gold four-door 1997 Saturn. He was driving it in the area of the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. He was driving near the San Rafael Bridge in Marin County, California. He was driving at 9:30 A.M., two and a half hours after Pearl’s abduction. The car bore the license plate number 5XZD385. The following afternoon, Castro was sighted driving in San Luis Obispo County, California. Officers with the California Highway Patrol chased his car into Santa Barbara County. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office also was involved. There was a shoot-out between them all and Castro. And Castro was killed. Pearl wasn’t with him at the time of his death. And she has never been heard from again.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!
Deceased Suspect

Castro died more than 300 south from where Pearl was abducted. When police searched his car, they found Pearl’s blood in the trunk. But they stated that it was not a large amount, enough to indicate that she was badly hurt or killed. Some have speculated that Pearl had become a human trafficking victim. Investigators can find no evidence to support that theory. They state that all evidence points to Castor as the lone suspect in her disappearance. They are unsure if she is dead or alive. But the passage of time made it less likely that she was alive.

Pearl’s family released a photo of Pearl that may be closest to what she looked like when abducted.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Pearl Pinson

Precious Pearl doesn’t look as beautiful right now as when she was taken so I changed the picture on the advice of a Private Investigator. That applies to all missing children. Suffering and mistreatment shows.

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!

Pearl is the middle child in a family of three children. According to her family, she is a passionate lover of animals. She has a pet dog who misses her. She enjoys skateboarding and going to the beach. She also enjoys other pursuits. Pearl’s family are craving answers. According to them, since the day she was abducted, the time has felt like an eternal nightmare with no seeming end in sight. It is sadly true that Castro may have taken much information with him to his grave. But there were many others who knew him. Someone (s) besides Castro may have information that can bring Pearl home to her family, including her dog.

Is this you? Do you have any information that can help locate Pearl’s whereabouts? Anything? No information is too small. Do you have any information about Fernando Castro that can bring answers to Pearl’s family?

Find Pearl Pinson, Still Missing!
Contact Information

If you think you know the whereabouts of any missing person, BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION, please contact the Solano County Sheriffs Department at: (707) 784-7010. You may contact your local law enforcement agency. You may contact the California Department of Justice at 1-800-222-FIND (24 hour nationwide toll-free Hotline). You may contact: (916) 210-3119. You may email the Office at Or you can leave your tip online: Click here to leave your tip online.
You may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678. You may contact a tip line
at: (707) 421-7090 and be eligible for a reward.

NCMEC Case Number: 1269030
Agency Case Number: 160002810

Pearl’s older sister, Rose Pinson, is quite vocal in her love for her missing sister. She maintains a blog, dedicated to Pearl. She calls her blog Roseydoe. Click here and follow this blog.
Pearl’s family and friends have set up a Facebook page for this much-loved teen. Images found on this post are courtesy of this Facebook page. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.
Pearl Pinson has a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children poster. Click here to view it.
This is a video appeal for Pearl Pinson. Click here to view it.
Pearl Pinson has a California Attorney General’s Office profile. Click here to view it.
The above information is found on Pearl Pinson’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.

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