Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!
She has been missing for almost 22 years.
When last seen,she was checking into a hotel.
She had separated from her ex-boyfriend.
Her car was found abandoned.

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek! She has been missing since July 13, 1995. Yolanda is missing out of Portland, Oregon. Her case is classified as an endangered missing case. Panek was born in the year 1974. At the time of her disappearance, Yolanda Panek is 21 years old. Yolanda Panek is an African-American female. She is described as an even 6’0″ tall and 105 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes. Yolanda Panek is not described with identifying physical marks, scars, scars, or tattoos. When last seen, Yolanda was wearing a black tank top, a denim skort and white sneakers. She was also wearing white socks and a white belt. She was carrying a Dooney and Bourke purse.

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

It was July 13, 1995, in Portland, Oregon. Yolanda Panek was last seen checking into the Capril Motel. It was located in the 1500 block of northeast 83rd Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Reportedly, she had checked in at 11:00 P.M. At 7:00 A.M., the following day, Yolanda’s 1994 Dodge Spirit was found abandoned near a Greyhound bus station. Her two year old son was locked inside, unharmed. Reportedly, there were bloodstains in the trunk of the car and in its interior. No one answered when the hotel did a a wake-up call that morning.

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

After the hotel made the morning after wake-up call, a main was sent to check Yolanda Panek’s second-floor room at 10:00 A.M. The room was reportedly deserted. Both beds had been stripped. The bedclothes and all the towels were missing. Blood soaked through one of the mattresses. Then the police were summoned. They found blood smeared on a sidewalk outside Panek’s window. The blood-soaked linens were later located in the motel trash bin. Also found were a section of cut electrical cords that had also been missing from the motel room. Panek’s shoes, socks, and tank top were in the bin as well.

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!
A Suspect?

Yolanda Panek’s ex-boyfriend, Abdur Rashid Al-Wadud, was charged with her murder. This was a week after after Yolanda’s disappearance. Al-Wadud is also known as Darryl Devereaux. In 1993, the couple had been married in a Muslim ceremony. But the marriage was reportedly not legal. A few weeks after their son’s birth, Panek requested a restraining order. She stated that Al-Wadud had shoved her, tried to strangle her, and threatened to slit her throat. At the time of Panek’s disappearance, they separated and Al-Wadud was living in East Palo Alto, California.

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

After their separation, Al-Wadud was arrested in East Palo Alto, California. And he was extradited to Oregon to face trial. Investigators believe Al-Wadud planned Panek’s murder beforehand. And he killed her by slashing her throat. He had threatened to murder Panek several times because he believed she’d betrayed him by not raising their son in the Muslim faith. Al-Wadud was living in East Palo Alto, California at the time of Panek’s disappearance. He bought a knife a few days ahead of time. Then he drove to Portland to meet Panek and their son at the Capri Motel.

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!
Prosecution Theories

The prosecution theorizes that Al-Wadud murdered Panek at the motel and tossed her body out the window. Then he put it first in the trunk of her own car. And then he put it in his rental car. And he disposed of it in an unknown location. Then he drove Panek’s car to the bus station, left it there with their son inside, and made an anonymous 9-1-1 call. Then he directed authorities to the vehicle and their son. Then he returned to California.

Find MIssing Yolanda Evette Panek!

Edward Jones, Al-Wadud’s attorney, have his argument for an acquittal or a conviction of manslaughter. He stated that if his client actually murdered Panek, he did so under “extreme emotional distress.” Then the lawyer claimed that Panek was a prostitute. Her family strongly debunked that statement. Later, they reportedly filed a grievance with the Oregon state bar. They stated that Jones had “knowingly made false statements of fact.” Al-Wadud maintained his innocence but was convicted of murder in 1996. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Panek’s body has never been found.

About five years ago, the son of Yolanda Panel publicly wrote:

I Really Miss My Mom
R.I.P Yolanda Panek

Find Missing Yolanda Evette Panek!

Sadly, few results come up for Yolanda Evette Panek in Interest searches. Even fewer come up on Facebook. And hers is a case where she is considered endangered. Foul play is suspected. Yolanda Panek case’s is often called a “murder without a body case.” That is, overwhelming evidence exists that a death occurred in a missing persons case. And someone (s) is arrested, convicted, and charged for the missing person’s presumed murder. But Yolanda is still a missing person. She is not yet home. Her son has had to grow up without his mother. And there is still not “that final resolution.” She can’t be buried without a body to bury. Yolanda can’t be properly remembered. The person who knows where she is may be behind bars.And he is not talking. But there are others who may have pieces of information that can finally find where Yolanda is.

If you have any information in connection with Yolanda Panek, please contact:

Portland Police Department
OR 9-1-1
OR your local police.

The above information can be found on Yolanda’s Evette Panek’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.

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The top image is courtesy of Yolanda’s NamUs Database.

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