Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson!

Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson!

Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson!
He has been missing for over two months.
This gentleman experiences seizures
And he may possibly have mental health issues
He may be living as a homeless person.
But he is loved and missed.

Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson!

Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson! Mr. Hutchinson has been missing since August 24, 2017. He is missing from Auburn, California. Reportedly, he lives as a homeless transient. That is, he does not stay in one place for long. And it is believed that he is living homeless in Auburn, California. Also, it is said that his disappearance is voluntary. Reportedly, he has lived as a missing and homeless person for the past 8 years. This would have to be on an off and on basis.

Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson!
Medical Needs N Descriptions

Wiley Parker Hutchinson is missing with medical needs. Most urgently speaking, he reportedly experiences seizures. His family believe that he may have mental health issues. However, these have never been diagnosed. Mr. Hutchinson also struggles with alcoholism. Sadly, it worsens his seizures. Alcohol is not safe for anyone who experiences seizures. Wiley Parker Hutchinson is a Caucasian male. He is 29 years of age. Mr. Hutchinson is described as 5’10” and 230 pounds. His hair is red and described as balding. And his eyes are blue. Hutchinson has several tattoos.

Sadly, I found not one online press release to confirm Mr. Hutchinson’s missing status. When adults are voluntarily missing, as he is believed to be, it is wrongly assumed that they are safe. And they receive no attention.  A handful of Facebook posts alone confirm that Wiley is missing and homeless. The Facebook page, Missing and Homeless, have made a public appeal for Wiley Parker Hutchinson.

Find Missing Wiley Parker Hutchinson!

Only now (in October 2017) has a poster been made for this missing man. And only now have I become aware of his missing status. In Internet searches, only one result came up and that was for a missing persons Facebook page. As this man is unlikely to get much awareness from the media, it is up to us to broadcast his missing status until he is found. Even if his disappearance is by choice, he is not safe! His medical and possible mental health issues make him vulnerable.

Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Wiley Parker Hutchinson? If so, please contact Auburn Police Department at (530) 823-4237. Call 9-1-1 if you see him!

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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