Find Missing Victoria Harris! ***(UNCONFIRMED UPDATE)***


Find Missing Victoria Harris!

Find Missing Victoria Harris!
She has been missing for almost one month.
She is missing with medical needs.
This means that she is endangered.
Why no publicity?
Why no awareness?
Where is Victoria Harris?

Find Missing Victoria Harris!

Find Missing Victoria Harris!

VICTORIA “VICKY” HARRIS- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Missing Since- July 10, 2018

Victoria Harris was last seen on the evening of Tuesday, July 10. She was last seen sitting on the steps of her home in West Kensington. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Victoria Harris is an African-American female. She is 61 years old. Her nickname is Vicky. Vicky is described as 5’2″ tall and 110 pounds. Her hair is red and her eyes are brown. When she was last seen, Vicky was wearing a green tank top, black short tights, and a medical alarm key chain.

Victoria suffers from schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. She may be in need of medical assistance.

Find Missing Victoria Harris!

Victoria Harris seems to be one more missing person who is on the wrong side of unequal missing persons searches. Three factors seem to be working against her. Vicky is a missing woman, but she is older. She is a missing woman of color. Most of all, she has a mental illness, which carries stigma. These three factors may have hindered the search for her. And why was no Silver Alert issued for her? She surely would have qualified for it. Why so little priority being shown? Doesn’t Vicky deserve better than what she is getting? Someone (s) has to be missing her.

Where is Vicky? Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Victoria Harris? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) involved in her disappearance? If you have any information on the whereabouts of Victoria Harris, please contact the East Detective Division at (215)-686-3243.
If you see Vicky, call 9-1-1 immediately!

I have finally found an article about the disappearance of Victoria Harris. Click here and learn more.
The above image and additional information are courtesy of Still Gone-Missing Persons Cases.


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  1. Yes we are family,We were informed that her death was a homocide,discarded like she was nothing.Two calls were to acnj one by her and one by one of her children.God knows this is horrible.Within two weeks she is found dead.I have my gut feelings on this. I know the police cannot go on feelings. I think you should have some based on where she was found.

  2. I meant evidences from where she was found

  3. All I can say is whom ever harmed her, Need swift justice done to them.We are just devastated, No one deserves this.These people are just demonic.

    • Not the infro we have.Maybe they are not ready to make public.For now I will not comment further.until they update .You are doing a great service for us all

  4. Today is august 23,2014 I don’t understand why there is so much, don’t know by the authorityThey must know something else they are not speaking.on .My thoughts who done this.

  5. She is my sister, I am really hurt over this.

  6. Today is September 1,2018, same quite infro, We were informed about a positive I’d,but no other answers , why,who or anything.This case is just very suspicious to us. Let’s Philadelphia department.

  7. Today is sept 1, 2018 we need answers,who, why, was this done to her.You say this her,are your positive I’d correct, What is being kept from us the family. Coma on philly dept. give us answers.

  8. We are still waiting for answers.

  9. yesterday vicky was 62 years old..she went missing July 2018, We buried what was left of her in August.This was the most horrific crime that could be done to another person.

  10. It is now December 2018,we are still waiting for answers as to who did this to her and why. The fact that anyone could do this to another human is just crazy. Especially if it turns out to be someone we may know. All things are open and nakedly espoused to God, It will be revealed soon.My sister we miss you oh so very much.


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