Find Missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!

Find Missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!
Find Missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!

Find missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!
She has been missing for over six years.
When she was last seen,
She was dropping her son off before heading for work.
But she never made it to work.
And she was never seen again.
Where is Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross?

Find Missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!

Find Missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross! Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross has been missing since January 8, 2012. She is missing from Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross is classified simply as a missing person. At the time of her disappearance, Burross was 45 years old. Her current age is 52 to 53 years old. Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross is a Caucasian female. Her hair is black and her eyes are green. Burross is described as 5’5″ to 5’8″ tall. She is described as 240 to 260 pounds. When she was last seen, Burross was
wearing blue jeans and brown steel-toed boots.

Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross bites her nails. She wears glasses, her ears are pierced and she has scars on her arms. Burross’s maiden name is Sharp.

Find Missing Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!

Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross was last seen when she dropped her seven-year-old son off. She dropped at her parents’ home in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee at 9:30 P.M. This event occurred on January 8, 2012, before her early morning work shift. She never arrived at work.

At 3:13 A.M. the next day, Burross made a call from her cellular phone. She made the call to the Greyhound bus station in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since then, her phone has apparently been turned off or disconnected. She has never been heard from again.

On January 10, Burross’s vehicle was found abandoned. It is described as a gray 2000 or 2001 Ford Ranger extended-cab pickup truck with Tennessee license plates. It was found abandoned about two blocks from the Knoxville Greyhound station. It was located with the keys still inside it. There was no sign of her at the scene.

Authorities determined Burross purchased a bus ticket at the Greyhound< station under an alias name. The police believe she left of her own accord. However, her family stated it’s uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning and they’re afraid for her safety.

Burross was in the process of a divorce at the time of her disappearance. She left her purse behind at home. Her case remains unsolved.

Find Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross!

Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross has been missing for six years and four months. Police classify her as a voluntary missing adult. And, even after six year, they do not believe that she is endangered. Her family believe that Burross is endangered. According to n article, though,they will not be entirely convinced of that until they have answers about where Burross is. Her vehicle was found abandoned, she left her purse behind, and she is described as a loving mother and family person. Even if Burross left of her own accord at the time, what is keeping her from coming home after six years and four months? Have police fully investigated?

Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross? Do you have any information concerning any person (s) involved in her disappearance? If you have any information, please contact the Jefferson County Police Department at: (865) 471-6000. You may call 9-1-1 or your local police.

HELP FIND VICKY LYNN SHARP BURROSS is a closed Facebook page set up for her. Use Facebook? Please “Join” this group.
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The above information is found on Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.s
The above image are courtesy of Vicky Lynn Sharp Burross’s NamUs Database.

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