Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

Find missing Venus Rose Stewart!
She went missing in her pajamas.
And when she went outside to get her mail.
Her family point the finger at her husband.
Where is Venus?
What happened to her?

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

Find missing Venus Rose Stewart! She is a wife and mother of two daughters. She hasn’t been seen since April 26, 2017. This means that she has been missing for over seven years. Because of her disappearance circumstances, she is classified as Endangered Missing. She was born on August 4. WHen last seen, she was 32 years old. She is 39 years old today. Venus is described as a Caucasian female. She is 5/4″ tall and weighs between 120 to 130 pounds. Her eyes and hair are brown.

Venus Stewart has a tattoo on her left leg. When last seen, she is believed to be wearing a gray t-shirt. She was wearing pajama bottoms and Crocs shoes.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

Upon her disappearance, Venus was at her parents’ home. It was located in the 55000 block of Driftwood Drive in Colon, Michigan. She was seen between 7:10 P.M. and 8:30 A.M. Her missing date was April 26, 2010. At her disappearance, Venus walked outside to mail a letter and never returned. Later, evidence of a struggle was found in the front yard. These signs included heel marks and gauges in the soil. An empty clear plastic package for a tarp, was also found.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

A neighbor reported seeing a man hiding. The male was hiding behind a light gray four door pickup truck. That truck was parked in the empty lot across the street from the home of Venus’s parents.’ This incident happened around the time Venus went missing. Authorities suspected foul play immediately. They believed that her estranged husband, Douglas Harris Stewart. And they believed that her abduction occurred when father and two daughters were asleep. He may have taken her in either of the two vehicles registered to him.

Descriptions of both vehicles are given. The first vehicle is described as a silver 1998 Mercury sedan. It had the Virginia License Plate #: XNP1453. And the other vehicle is described as a silver full-size four-door Dodge Ram pickup truck. THe truck had the Virginia License Plate #: XNP1301. Venus has never been heard from again. A photograph of Doug is shown below. Doug and Venus were married since 2002. They lived in Schoolcraft, Michigan. This was before they moved to Newport News, Virginia, in 2009.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

Doug Stewart

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

There was intimate partner violence in Venus’s marriage. In the summer of 2008, Venus filed for an order of protection against Doug. She stated that he had abused her and threatened their children. And she was afraid, she said, for her life. Doug denied these allegations. And he requested a protective order against Venus. He claimed that she was guilty of domestic violence toward him. In October 2008, both orders were dismissed. But this was before Venus and Doug moved to Virginia. She filed for another protective order against Doug. That, too was denied.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!
System Failure?

Did the system fail Venus and her family? She made a decision. And she took the children and moved back to Michigan. She filed for a third protective order. This time, it was approved. She was granted temporary custody. It was granted just a week before her disappearance, on April 19. Doug was allowed phone contact with them. The day after Venus went missing, authorities located Douglas in Newport News, Virginia. He had been living there. Venus had not been with him at the time. And he said that he hadn’t seen her. And he claimed that he didn’t know her whereabouts.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!
Doug’s Vehicles

It was in Virginia where authorities found both of Doug’s vehicles. And they found bloodstains in both of them. The blood belonged to Douglas, not Venus. Inside Doug’s truck was some rope. Authorities also found twine and a receipt from a Walmart store in Ohio. That receipt was for the purchase of a tarp, a shovel, a cap, and gloves. These purchases were dated the day before Venus’s disappearance. Tire tracks found at the abduction scene matched the tread on Douglas’s truck tires as well.

In 2012, it seems that the mom of Doug Stewart was interfering in the investigation of her daughter-in-law’s disappearance.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!
More Investigation

Doug made a statement that other witnesses supported. He said that he was in Newport News at the time of Venus’s alleged abduction. And witnesses came forward to support this statement. But authorities. were able to place him in Central Ohio the night before Venus went missing. And they found evidence that he had been in Michigan the morning she vanished. Police had the theory that Douglas had someone else impersonate him in Virginia to manufacture an alibi. And they appealed for this individual to come forward. Later, they identified the impersonator as Ricky Spencer. A photo of Ricky Spencer is shown below.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

Ricky Spencer

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!
Criminal Charges

Two months after his wife vanished, Doug faced charges. He was charged with murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in Venus’s case. Spencer was charged with manslaughter. In the spring of 2011 and at his trial, Spencer confessed to impersonating Douglas. And he confessed to serving as his alibi. Doug was convicted of murder and sentenced to a mandatory term of life in prison without parole. This was in spite of the defense’s arguments that no one could prove that Venus was dead. Spencer pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit manslaughter.

At her missing annual date, Venus’s family posted a heartbreaking video, which is embedded below.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!
Yes, We Can Still Help

The family of Venus Stewart know that they have lost her. They are looking for her body so they can give her a proper burial. This family is looking for answers. Venus’s body has never been found. Her family are in agony and want to know. Someone somewhere knows where Venus is and just what happened to her. They need to come forward and stop covering up a crime. Have any information concerning Venus Stewart? Contact the Michigan State Police. All them at: (269) 483-7611 OR (616) 866-6666.

Find Missing Venus Rose Stewart!

There is a memorial page set up for Venus.  This is a sample of photos of the two daughters of this missing mom.

The above images and information can be found on Venus’s Click here to read the article. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top photo is courtesy of the friends and family of Venus Stewart.

The family and friends of Venus have set up a tribute website for her. Show her family your support by leaving comments on one or more of the blog posts. Click here to do so.

An additional photo is courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

The family of Venus Rose Stewart has set up a nonprofit in her name. They believe she was abducted and murdered by Doug, her husband. In her name and honor, they want to save others from the same fate they believe has befallen Venus.


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