Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

Find missing Toni Danieelle Clark!
She has been missing for 29 years.
Many believe that she fell victim to an accident.
Others believe that she was abducted.
There is little evidence as to
What actually happened to Toni.
But Toni seemed to have been removed from the
Vehicle she was driving.
Yet her body was never found at or around the scene
of the car accident.
An unidentified male was there
Looking under the vehicle Toni was driving.
Did the investigation go in the wrong direction?
What happened to her?

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark! She has been missing since March 16, 1990. She is missing from Oakland, California. Her case is classified as a non-family abduction. Other agencies classify her case as lost/injured/missing. Clark was born in the year 1972. At the time of her disappearance, Toni was 17 years old. Her current age is 44 years old.

Toni Danieelle Clark is an African-American female. She is described as 5’3″ and 110 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Clark has black hair and brown eyes.

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

Toni has gaps between her teeth. On her left calf, she has a mole. And she has a scar on her right knee. Clark’s ears are double-pierced. Some agencies spell her middle name “Danielle.” When she was last seen, Toni was wearing a black tube top. It was trimmed with lace. Toni was wearing black linen shorts and a light blue jean jacket. She also wore white loafers and a gold chain bracelet. And she wore two gold nugget rings on her right hand.

At the time of her disappearance, Toni Clark had no known medical conditions. When she was last seen, Toni was two months pregnant.

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

It was March 16, 1990 in Oakland, California. Toni Clark left a cousin’s home to drive home to her family’s residence. It was located in San Francisco, California. She was driving her boyfriend’s Chevrolet Camaro, which she reportedly had trouble staring when she left. It kept stalling.

Apparently, the car stalled again on the San Francisco Bay Bridge sometime that evening. Reportedly, another car collided with Toni’s vehicle before 12:00 A.M. Six minutes later, police arrived and discovered that Toni was not inside the vehicle after that accident.

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

The U.S. Coast Guard, assuming that the impact of the collision threw Toni into the water below, dragged the bottom of the Bay. Clark wasn’t found and neither were her clothes. No blood, hair, or oil were found in her vehicle, either. Toni’s mother had stated that she received a phone call approximately one week after Toni went missing. The caller was a young woman and it sounded like her daughter.

The girl was crying on the line for approximately 40 seconds. Then the call ended. Authorities were unable to trace the source of the call. The majority of officials maintain that Clark drowned the night of the car accident. But she is still listed as a missing person.

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!
Evidence for Abduction?

Some witnesses reported seeing an African-American man looking under the Camaro, the vehicle that Toni Clark was driving. Others saw the man leaving the scene. No one saw Toni’s body going over the bridge railing. Her bracelet, which she never removed, was found on the passenger side floorboard, along with her car keys.

The man who ran into Toni’s car was tried for vehicular manslaughter. But he was acquitted for lack of evidence proving that Toni was deceased. Reportedly, Toni resided in California before she went missing. In 1990, she was a high school senior. She enjoyed swimming and dancing and ran on her school track team.

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

For 27 long years Toni’s family have not only had to suffer her loss. They have no clues as to what actually happened to her. Her family seem to have little social media presence. But I found a comment by Toni’s cousin under one of the few Facebook post about Toni. The cousin commented (and I’m paraphrasing): “It has been years and and out family want answers!”

And as Toni was two months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, what happened to Toni Clark also happened to her unborn baby. And it is unclear if police are still investigating. But should police have investigated the abduction/foul play angle? Did they over-focus on the car accident?

Find Missing Toni Danieelle Clark!

Someone (s) knows something! Toni Clark’s family deserve answers! Someone may have already passed away without knowing what happened to her. It’s time for justice and answers. Do you know anything as to the whereabouts of Toni Danieelle Clark? Her missing bracelet? Do you have any information on the caller who made that phone call to Toni Clark’s mother a week after Toni went missing?

Can you identify the African-American male who was there the day of the car accident? Know about what he was doing on the day of Toni’s disappearance? No piece of information is too small to help.

If you have info, please contact:
San Bruno Police Department

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The above information can be found on Toni Danielle Clark’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.
The above image is courtesy of Toni’s NamUs Database.

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