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Find Missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle!

Find Missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle!

Find missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle!
She was walking home from her high school.
Her abduction was witnessed.
A witness saw her being taken blocks from her home.
That was over 39 years ago.
Where is Tonetta Yvette Carlisle?

Find Missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle!

Find Missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle! Tonetta Yvette Carisle has been missing since March 16, 1989. She is missing from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tonetta Yvette Carlisle’s case is classified as a non-family abduction. Her year of birth is 1973. At the time of her disappearance, Tonetta was 15 years old. Her current age 44 years old. Tonetta Yvette Carlisle is an African-American female. Her hair is black and her eyes are brown. She is described as 5’1″ tall and 95 pounds at the time of her disappearance. When she was last seen,
Tonetta was wearing a pink and white striped blouse, a denim skirt and white sneakers.

Tonetta Yvette Carisle hair was curly and trimmed short. It was cut on the top and sides and longer in the back at the time of her 1989 disappearance. Her ears are pierced. She has almond-shaped eyes. Several of Tonetta’s teeth are capped or have fillings.

Find Missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle!

Tonetta Yvette Carisle was last seen walking home from City High School. This was where she was a freshman. She was last seen at approximately 2:55 P.M. on March 16, 1989 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was headed to her family’s residence in the 600 block of Hamilton Avenue at the time.

A witness observed Tonetta Yvette Carisle’s abduction approximately one-half block from her home. It was witnessed at approximately 3:00 P.M. A woman on Ruth Street near Hamilton Avenue glanced up the hill and watched Tonetta walking down the street. Several unidentified suspects jumped out of a tan and yellow vehicle with the Tennessee license plate number LKH 920, forcibly pulled Tonetta inside the vehicle and then drove away.

The witness told authorities that she and her husband chased the vehicle. And they called law enforcement with its license plate number. Tonetta’s mother filed a missing child report with authorities eight hours later. This was when her daughter failed to return home. The two cases were not connected for some time.

The plate number of the vehicle involved in the abduction was traced back to Jeffrey Jones. Jones was previously convicted of rape and aggravated sexual assault and served eight years in prison. He was released about a year before Tonetta disappeared. Authorities determined he raped another woman who lived in his apartment complex just two months before Tonetta was last seen.

He committed suicide and was found deceased inside his van on March 18, 1989. He was found two days after Tonetta was last seen. He had died of carbon monoxide poisoning. There has been no trace of Tonetta since that time, but there have been rumors that she was forced into prostitution and possibly taken to California.

Tonetta Yvette Carlisle enjoys pizza and fast food items. She liked rap music and the musical artist Bobby Brown at the time of her 1989 disappearance. Her case remains unsolved.

Find Missing Tonetta Yvette Carlisle!

Tonetta Yvette Carlisle has been missing for almost three decades. Hers was a witnessed abduction. Today, any person who is abducted will remain missing for nearly this long. Cases are resolved in hours, days, or months. Sadly, no Amber Alert was issued because it seems the program was not yet in place in her state. If it had, Tonetta would have fit the strict criteria. There was a witnessed abduction, several unidentified suspects, and a vehicle. One suspect in her case is deceased, so his witness has been taken away. But there were more than one unidentified suspects. Tonetta’s loved ones have suffered three decades of a nightmare and deserve answers.

Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Tonetta Yvette Carlisle? Do you have any information concerning the yet unidentified suspects who were spotted when Tonetta was abducted on March 16, 1989? If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the Chattanooga Police Department at: (615) 698-9752. You may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678.

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The above information is found on Tonetta Yvette Carisle’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.
The above image is courtesy of the Chattenooga Police Department.


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