Find Missing Thomas A. Bryson! ***(SAD UPDATE: BODY FOUND)***


Find Thomas A. Bryson!
Better known as Tommy, he is in immediate danger!
He was kidnapped by a dangerous suspect!
The suspect has been captured
But Tommy has not been found!
Where is he? What happened to him?

Find Missing Thomas A. Bryon!

Find Missing Thomas A. Bryson! This is considered to be an emergency, time-sensitive case. WEstern North Carolina police are searching for a missing man. Thomas A. Bryson is his name. And his nickname is Tommy. Bryson was abducted by an armed and dangerous suspect. That suspect has White Supremacist gang ties. The suspect was captured in in Bryson’s truck but Bryson remains missing. Tommy is 68 years old. He is from Mills River, North Carolina.

Find Missing Thomas A. Bryson!

Tommy left his home in the South Mills River Road area. It is near Hendersonville, North Carolina. Tommy had left around 8:35 A.M. on July 26, 2017. He was driving his silver Honda Ridgeline. It is shown on the poster at the top of this post. Then Bryson was abducted and his truck was stolen. Phillip Michael Stroupe 11 stole Tommy’s car. Stroupe is an ex-convict with a lengthy criminal record. Stroupe is a Caucasian male and is 39 years old. Tommy is a Caucasian male. He is 5’9″ tall and weighs 175 pounds.He has gray hair and a mustache. He was last seen wearing a dark plaid shirt, brown cargo shorts, and tennis shoes.

Stroupe was captured in McDowell County. His capture happened in the early hours of July 27, 2017. An officer in Yancey County spotted him in the truck owned by Bryson. And then he captured Stroupe. Bryson is still missing.
Authorities are holding out hope that Bryson is still alive. And they are trying to retrace Stroupe’s steps to figure out what might have happened to Bryson. And time is of the essence.

***SAD UPDATE: Thomas Bryson was found deceased. Because of the circumstances involved, I had a feeling this would not end well. An article confirms this. Click here to read the article.

Tommy’s daughter has made this touching status update on her profile.

Evil did not win.
Millions of people around the world were praying for Tommy. People who were not praying types were speaking to God pleading for Tommy. From right here in North Carolina all the way to Russia. People around the world were calling on God.
Prayer. God. Faith. Words that are so often taboo in news media today were front and center. Tommy would have been pleased to see how many people were on their knees. He was a man who truly loved God first and foremost. And he is dancing with Jesus now. Healed. Happy.
Our human hearts hurt. We are sad and confused to why such a wonderful, Godly, family man was taken in such a senseless act. Please continue praying for our family. We have a long road of healing and given the circumstances will be public. And we just miss our Papa.

UPDATE: A reward is now being offered for information leading to find Tommy.

Find Missing Thomas A. Bryson!
Save HIs LIfe

Time is of the essence. Actually, it is in every missing person’s case. But in many cases no foul play is suspected and their cases are not given priority, attention, or resources. In Tommy’s case, known foul play is suspected. Get the word out and save his life. Our shares can reach persons (s) with information about where Tommy is or what happened to him. If you have seen Tommy, call 9-1-1 immediately! Do you have information about Stoupe? Bryson? The truck used since July 26? Any information that can help narrow down the search area? Call the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (828) 697-4911.

This is the most updated article about this case. Click here to read the article.

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