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Find Missing Timothy Stanton!

Find Missing Timothy Stanton!

Find missing Timothy Stanton!

Find Missing Timothy Stanton!

Find missing Timothy Stanton! Timothy “Tspoon” Stanton has been missing for over two and a half years. He was 41 years of age when he was last seen. He was near the Evanston neighborhood when last seen. Stanton is missing out of Cincinnati, Ohio. This gentleman was last seen on September 29, 2014. He is described as suffering from mental illnesses. Now he is without his needed medications. Only days before he was last seen, Stanton was prescribed new medication. Timothy Stanton is an African-American male.

This missing man’s NamUs case file adds more. Timothy Stanton was last seen around 2:15p.m on Monday, September 29, 2014. His grandmother was the last person to see him. He was living with her at the time. And she was the last person to speak with him.

Find Missing Timothy Stanton!

Find Missing Timothy Stanton! He is an even 6′ tall in height and weighs 170 pounds. This missing man has brown eyes and a shaved head. Stanton is known to hang out at Clifton and Walnut Hills. He’s also known to frequent Price Hill, Camp Washington and Over-the-Rhine. Timothy is also known to hang out at Madisonville and Downtown. And he has a history of panhandling in these areas. According to NamUs information, Timothy Stanton may indeed be bald. But at times he will let his hair grow out. Sometimes Stanton does have hair on his face. He was clean-shaved the day he went missing.

This missing man’s NamUs files have more description. Timothy has a scar around his eyebrow on his left side. Also, he has a scar on his left side under his eye.

Find Missing Timothy Stanton!
Let’s Help Find Him

Timothy Stanton is a minority missing male. Even Caucasian missing males get inadequate attention and resources. Generally speaking. But minority missing men get even less. We can be a solution to this, in Stanton’s case. Share his story and poster widely. Get the word out about him. Somewhere, someone is missing him. Mother’s Day is upon us. Timothy is someone’s son. So let’s help find him. And if you have information that can help locate Stanton, you are asked to call police at (513) 979-4425 or (513) 765-1212. You may also contact his family at: (513) 557-9691.

The above image and additional information are provided courtesy of Locate the Missing.

This article confirms Stanton’s disappearance. Click here to read the article.

Additional information is based on Stanton’s NamUs data. click here and learn more.


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