Find Missing Timothy Scott Patton!

Find Missing Timothy Scott Patton!

Find missing Timothy Scott Patton!
He has been receiving no known attention or resources.
But he has been missing for nine months.
Has he slipped through the cracks?

Find missing Timothy Scott Patton!

Find missing Timothy Scott Patton! Timothy also goes by Tim. He was last seen on December 9, 2016. He’s missing out of Westland, Michigan. At his disappearance, Timothy was 35 years old. He is described as 6’7″ tall and 240 pounds. Tim’s hair is brown and he has a balding hairline. His eyes are brown. Tim wears glasses. He is said to have piercings. But there is no description. Timothy is described as having tattoos. Though they are said to be numerous, no description is given.

Find Missing Timothy Scott Patton!

Timothy has scars and marks. He has scars on his left elbow. And he has scars on his lower back. Tim has missing teeth and signs of poor dental health. Timothy smokes cigarettes. His vehicle is described as a 2014 Dodge Journey. It’s silver and has a Michigan handicapped plate #: #5733J8. It’s unknown what Timothy was wearing when last seen, who last saw him, and what he was doing at the time. But he apparently went missing in a vehicle, which is shown in the top poster.

Timothy was last seen on December 9, 2016. No information is provided about Timothy Scott Patton’s disappearance. He’s missing under unknown circumstances.

Find Missing Timothy Scott Patton!
Help Desperately Needed

Has Timothy Patton slipped through the cracks? Has the system failed him? On the Internet and Facebook, there is nothing indicating any effort to push awareness for him. There is no sign that Patton has received even any local publicity. His case hasn’t been entered in NamUs. No known family efforts to push awareness for Timothy Patton exist. But a legitimate nonprofit, which verifies all missing persons, is handling Timothy’s case. But why is he receiving no known resources or attention? How is this man supposed to be brought home if know one even knows he is missing? Timothy seems to have been forgotten about.

But Timothy Scott Patton is someone’s child and loved one. He has been missing for nine long months. Will he “make it” to a year? Do you have any information on Timothy? His vehicle? If so, please contact the Westland Police Department at: (734) 722-9600 or 9-1-1.
Case #16-34268

There seem no available press releases, even local ones, on Timothy Scott Patton.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc,


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