Find Missing Timothy Roy Boshart!

Find Missing Timothy Roy Boshart!

Find Missing Timothy Roy Boshart!
He has been missing for two months.
He is missing under unknown circumstances.
But his family now fear the worst.
Has the system failed him and them?

Find Missing Timothy Roy Boshart!

Find missing Timothy Roy Boshart! Timothy Roy Boshart has been missing since September 3, 2017. He is missing from Purvis, Mississippi. Timothy is missing under unknown circumstances. It is unknown what he was doing when last seen or who last saw him. And it is unknown if he was missing on foot or in a vehicle or if he was alone or in the company of another. All we are told is that his family request any information about his whereabouts or what has happened to him. They even request to know where his body may be.

Timothy Roy Boshart is a Caucasian male. He is 33 years of age. Boshart is described as 5’10” and 200 pounds. His eyes are hazel and hair is brown. He has multiple tattoos as shown in pictures on the bottom right. The Top left picture was taken right before he went missing.

Find Missing Timothy Roy Boshart!

Frankly, it is utterly perplexing that all Internet results on Timothy Roy Boshart are arrest records. Nothing about his disappearance shows up on the Internet. Only a few results show up on Facebook. And the limited information mentions that Timothy Roy Boshart may now be presumed dead. Has the system failed him? If he is missing it it needs to be made known. And there is nothing about how his his family are now fearing the worst. His loved ones’ frustration and agony, at this point, can only be imagined. And the holidays are upon us. All they request from us are answers.

Find Missing Timothy Roy Boshart!
How We Can Help

And how can we help give Timothy Roy Boshart’s family the gift of answers? First of all, circulate the story and poster of Timothy Roy Boshart all over the Internet and offline. Generate tips and leads. Timothy Roy Boshart is somewhere at this very moment. And someone (s) has information that can help locate him. Is this you? Do you have any piece of information concerning the whereabouts of Timothy Roy Boshart? If you have any info, please contact the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office at: (601) 794-1005. If you have seen Timothy, call 9-1-1!

This is the one apparently lone and brief press release on Timothy Roy Boshart. Click here to read the article.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.


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  1. Do you not see the “eye” on his arm. That should answer everyone’s questions. I will be watching but you need to “look” into all that so you know what he got himself into.

    • I do not see how a tattoo should “answer everyone’s questions.”

    • We have been looking in to everything. His tattoo doesn’t have apart in his disappearing. I think you should look in to your brain before typing some judgmental comment. The family does NOT appreciate your judgemental opinion! Please reframe from ever commenting on Tim’s information UNLESS you have useful information.

      • Hello, Shay:

        Tattoos help identify people. No judgement was intended in mentioning his tattoos.

        May God bring Timothy home soon!

        Lisa DeSherlia


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