Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Find MIssing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Find missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!
She has been missing for over 17 years
And her disappearance is considered suspicious.
A gun went missing on the day she went missing!
And her husband’s whereabouts on that day are unknown.
Where is Teresa and what happened to her?

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Find missing Teresa Davidson Murphy! She is a mom missing out of Rainier, Oregon. Teresa hasn’t been seen since Thursday, October 7, 1999. She is classified as Endangered MIssing. She was born on May 15. Teresa was 34 years old at the time of her disappearance. She is around 52 years old now. She is described as a Caucasian female. Teresa is described as between 5’10” to an even 6’0.” She weighs around 140 pounds. Teresa has brown hair and blue eyes.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Teresa has distinguishing characteristics. She has a green rose tattooed on her right ankle. Her ears are pierced. This mom may use the last name Colpitts. It is believed that her last name isn’t hyphenated (as in Davidson-Murphy). Other available information indicates that it is. Maybe she uses only the last name Davidson. Teresa’s first name may be spelled “Teresa” and her middle name “Anne.” What was Teresa wearing at the time of her disappearance? Reportedly, she was wearing a green sweater and jeans. This mom was wearing white sneakers and a wedding ring. And she was wearing a gold chain necklace.

Teresa’s family have set up a Facebook page for her. On May 15, 2017, they posted a status update for her birthday.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

At the time of her disappearance, Teresa lived with her husband, Richard Murphy. And she lived with her two children. The four of them made their home in Rainier, Oregon, in 1999. The family lived in the 72000 block of Hutchison Road. They relocated from Puyallup, Washington State, to be closer to Richard’s relatives. Richard and Teresa were married since 1998. This was a year before she disappeared. No details about their family dynamics are provided. There is little information to go on concerning Richard. Teresa is described as an extremely devoted mom who would never leave her children. A photo of Richard is shown here.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

This is the timeline of Teresa’s disappearance. This mom had dropped her daughter off at a friend’s home on October 17, 1999. Her daughter and friend were to have a sleepover. Richard told authorities that his wife returned to their home afterwards. He departed on a camping trip to Browns Creek in the Olympic National Forest in Mason County, Washington State. Richard did that later in the evening. He told authorities that Teresa had disappeared by the time he returned home the following day.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Teresa’s sister-in-law reported her missing on October 23. That was over two weeks after Teresa went missing. What were the reasons for such a delay? The reasons are unknown. In fact, the details of how she disappeared are unknown. All of Teresa’s disappearance were inside the house. Her pickup truck was parked near the residence. And the keys were in the ignition. Teresa has never been heard from again. Her sister-in-law reported her as a missing person on October 23, 16 days after she vanished. Richard also made a report about the the family’s 1991 Colt 1911 A-1 .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun with serial number 2757178. He claimed that it was missing from their home after his wife disappeared. The weapon has never been located.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!
More Details

Other information states that Richard waited for three days to report the missing gun. That was on October 10, three days after Teresa disappeared. And she left behind a substantial amount of money in her bank account since her disappearance. Teresa also owned a house which she left foreclose since her disappearance. Teresa, said to be an extremely devoted mom who would never leave her children, had no contact with them since she vanished. And where was Richard, her husband, on the day she disappeared? It is unknown.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!
Did the System Fail This Missing Mom?

Teresa has been missing over 17 years. Police have not named any persons of interest. Nor have they announced any suspects. And they haven’t made any arrests. No clues. Just dead ends. Has someone dropped the ball? Teresa’s two teenage daughter’s were placed in their father’s custody. They have moved moved out of the home their mom shared with their dad, later in 1999. The daughters now live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. In August 2001, two years after Teresa’s disappearance, authorities announced that they presume that Teresa is dead.

Find Missing Teresa Davidson Murphy!
Help Bring Her Home!

Foul play is suspected in Teresa’s disappearance. But there are no clues to what has happened to this missing mom. Her children have have had to grow up without a mom. Her family has had to spend almost 18 years without their loved one and with no idea about what has happened. Has the system failed them? You can see the posts from the family page for Teresa. They long for answers! They have had to wait too long. Spread the word about Teresa’s suspicious and mysterious disappearance. Do you have have information about Teresa? The missing handgun? Or where her husband Richard was at her October 7, 1999, disappearance? Please contact the Oregon State Police. Call them at: (503) 731-3020 or 9-1-1.

Teresa’s family maintains a Facebook page for her. Here is one sample of their posts.

On this page, they have posted this photo of Teresa with her children.

Do you use Facebook? Click here to “like” the page.

The information can be found of Teresa Davidson Murphy’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The middle and featured photo is provided courtesy of Missing Pieces Network.

The top photo is courtesy of the family and friends of Teresa Davidson Murphy.


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