Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!

Missing, Unidentified, and Victims

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!

Find missing Tara Faye Grinstead!
She has been missing for 12 long years.
She has had massive attention and resources.
But she is still missing.
Where is Ms. Grinstead?

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!

Find missing Tara Faye Grinstead! Grinstead was last seen in Ocillia, Georgia. She was last seen on October 22, 2005. Her case is classified as endangered missing. Tara was born on November 14. When last seen, Tara was 30 years old. Her current age is 42 years old. Grinstead is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’3″ and her weight is between 100 to 110 pounds. Tara has brown hair and brown eyes. Grinstead has a small tan-colored birthmark on the front of her shoulder. Her ears and naval are pierced.

When last seen. Tara may have been wearing black sweatpants and gray New Balance sneakers.

Find Missing Tara Fay Grinstead!

Tara was last seen at approximately 11:00 P.M. on October 22, 2005. She was at an acquaintance’s home near the 700 block of west 3rd street. It was located in Ocilla, Georgia. There was a Miss Sweet Potato pageant. Grinstead, a former beauty queen, was aiding others with their makeup. She left the residence. Apparently, Tara had arrived at her home near street Alder Street and west Park. I was in Ocilla. Grinstead hasn’t been heard from since.

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!
Signs of Foul Play

Tara missed worship services the following day. This is unlike her to do. She worked as an 11th grade history teacher at Irwin County High School at the time of her disappearance. Tara was reported missing on October 24 after she didn’t show up for work. She didn’t notify anyone of her absence. That is unlike her to do. Authorities checked Grinstead’s house and found it locked. Her white Mitsubishi 3000 and the clothes she was last seen in, were at her home. Her cellular phone, cat, and dog were also in the home. Her purse, keys, and the earrings she was last seen wearing, were missing.

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!
Signs of a Struggle

One latex glove was found on the front lawn. A business card was caught in the front door. Tara’s bedside alarm clock had dropped on the floor. It was broken. Some beads were scattered on the floor. One of her bedposts was damaged. Tara’s bedroom lampshade was “askew.” Other than that, there were no signs of a struggle. Grinstead’s car was found unlocked. There was $100 cash in the console. Clay was found on the tires. According to Tara’s family, it wasn’t like her to leave her car unlocked or drive it in the dirt roads.

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!

Reportedly, the car seats were adjusted to fit a person taller than Grinstead. Her purse and keys were gone. At the time of her disappearance, Tara lived alone and was single. Her boyfriend of six year had broken up with Tara a few weeks prior. Grinstead’s ex-boyfriend was questioned about her case. He denied any involvement. They had a troubled relationship. But there was no sign of violence. A former student, who was arrested for harassing Grinstead, was also question in her case. He denied any wrongdoing.

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!
No Longer Persons of Interest

As it turned out, the business card found stuck in Tara’s door, was from a married police officer. The cop lived in a nearby town. He often visited Grinstead at home. He claimed that he tried to see her on Sunday night. However, Grinstead didn’t answer the door. He had left a dozen messages on her phone that weekend. He denies any wrongdoing in her case. Investigators stated that all three men alibis. However, none of their alibis totally covered the 34-hour period of Tara’s disappearance. DNA was recovered from the latex glove in Grinstead’s yard. It was tested against the men, but it didn’t match any of them.

Find Missing Tara FayeGrinstead!
Arrests Made N Charges

In February 2017, Ryan Alexander Duke was arrested and charged with Grinstead’s murder. That was an unexpected break. Duke had attended Irwin County High School where Grinstead taught. However, he graduated several years prior to her disappearance. Authorities said that until a few days before his arrest, Duke wasn’t “on the radar” of Grinstead’s case at all. Duke is awaiting trial for burglary, aggravated assault, murder, and concealing a death. In March, Bo Dukes was also charged with concealing a death.

Ryan Alexander Duke and Bo Dukes had been classmates at Irwin County High School. But they had graduated several years prior to Grinstead’s disappearance. Police Duke had killed Tara inside her home. And they believe that he and Dukes took her body to a pecan farm in Ben Hill County, Georgia, and disposed of it.

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!
Foul Play Suspected

Foul play is suspected in Grinstead’s disappearance. For it is unlike her to leave without telling anyone whre she is going. Also, she would have made arrangements for the welfare of her pets. Tara had dreamed of becoming a school principal. And she had applied for a Ph.D program with this goal in mind. Her family believed that she had been abducted. But there is little evidence as to Grinstead’s fate. In 2010, she was declared dead. And her father was placed in charge of her estate.

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!

Ryan Duke

Find Missing Tara Faye Grinstead!

Bo Dukes





Find Tara Faye Grinstead!
How to Help

For 12 years, Tara’s family has had to live without her. Her family may have declared her legally dead. They still want to know what happened to her. She deserves to be properly remembered. That can best be done with a funeral or memorial service. Ms. Grinstead has had extensive media coverage and resources in the search for her. Nothing has found her. After 12 years, her whereabouts are still unknown. But someone has information that can help find her. Someone (s) needs to help Tara’s family finally get answers.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Tara Grinstead? If so, please contact:
Ocilla Police Department

The above information and images are found on Tara’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

There is also a justice page called Justice for Tara Grinstead. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The top image is courtesy of the family of Tara Grinstead on Find Tara.

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