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Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!
Find Tammy Rose Surdam!

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!
It has been almost 40 years
Since those in her life last heard from her.
It has been almost 40 years
Since those in her life last heard from her.
She was not even a teenager at the time
And was labeled a chronic runaway.
She is missing from a facility.
What happened to Tammy Rose Surdam?

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!

Missing Person: Tammy Rose Surdam
Missing Since
Missing From
St. Charles, Missouri
Endangered Missing
Date of Birth
11/08/1966 (52)
12 years old
Height and Weight
5’10, 130 pounds
Clothing description when last seen:
Clothing unknown
Distinguishing Characteristics
Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes.

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!

Tammy was last seen at a youth shelter in the 500 block of Jefferson Street in St. Charles, Missouri on August 1, 1979. She had stayed there for only two days before she disappeared and has never been heard from again.

Tammy was a chronic runaway who began getting in trouble in 1977, after her family moved across town. She began spending time with teenagers who drank and used drugs, and her family said she was too trusting and would have gotten into a stranger’s vehicle. She was close to her father, however, and didn’t get in touch with her family after her father died in 1988.

Because she was a chronic runaway, Tammy’s family wasn’t initially concerned by her absence. However, after years passed without them hearing from her, they got worried and filed a missing persons report.

Nathan D. “Danny” Williams is a suspect in Tammy’s disappearance and in the 1989 abduction and presumed murder of thirteen-year-old Gina Brooks, whose body was never found. A photo of Williams is posted with this case summary. He and another man, Timothy R. Bellew, were charged with Gina’s murder in 1999.

The murder charge against Bellew was subsequently dropped for lack of evidence, and in 2003, the murder charge against Williams was also dropped, but he remained in prison on unrelated rape conviction. He’s still the prime suspect in Gina’s disappearance.

Williams reportedly told two witnesses he’d abducted a twelve-year-old girl off the street near a college in St. Charles in the late 1970s, raped her, stabbed her to death and buried her body. This would match the circumstances of Tammy’s disappearance; she’s the only child that age who disappeared from St. Charles during that time period and was never found, and the shelter she was staying in was just four blocks from Linwood College. There is no hard evidence tying him to Tammy’s case, howver; her disappearance remains unsolved.

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!

This is a truly heartbreaking case. Tammy Rose Surdam was labeled a chronic runaway. But she has been missing for almost 40 years. And so her family, whom she did not live with, did not notice her disappearance until years later. And so no one reported her as missing until years later. That may have hindered her search from the start. Also, it was before technology, DNA testing, and missing persons awareness. What happened to this child surrounding the time of her August 1, 1979 disappearance? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Tammy Rose Surdam? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) who may be involved in her disappearance?

Find Missing Tammy Rose Surdam!
Contact Information

If you have any information, please Hanover Park Police Department (Missouri) 1-630-823-5500. You may contact the St Charles City Police Department (Missouri) at: 1-636-949-3309. You may contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol (Missing Persons Clearinghouse) Toll-Free Telephone Line at: 573-526-6178 or (800) 877-3452 (toll-free). The Missing Persons Unit provides a toll-free hotline for parents, law enforcement agencies or others to provide information about missing and unidentified persons. You may email: missingpersons@mshp.dps.mo.gov You may call 9-1-1 or your local police.

NamUs Case Number: MP34986
Agency Case Number: 85-81

Tammy Rose Surdam has a NamUs profile. The above image is courtesy of this profile. Click here to view it.
This article was written after a suspect was found in Tammy Rose Surdam’s case. Click here to learn more.
Tammy Rose Surdam is listed as Missing Juvenile Number 342 in the Missouri Highway State Patrol database. Click here to search this database.
Tammy Rose Surdam has a Doe Network profile. Click here to view it.
This is a WEBSLEUTHS page for Tammy Rose Surdam. Click here to learn more.
The above information is found on Tammy Rose Surdam’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.


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