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Find Missing Susan Marie Powell!

Find Missing Susan Marie Powell!

Find Missing Susan Marie Powell!
You may be familiar with her case.

Find Missing Susan Marie Powell!
Facts and Details

Find Missing Susan Marie Powell! I remember how I learned about her case. At the time, I watched the Nancy Grace show on HLN TV. One night, she began to cover another missing mom case. Then, this next night, she introduced the case of Susan Powell. And we never heard about the other missing mom again. Because of the scandal attached to her case, Susan became a high-profile missing adult case. Eventually, her case even made the Dr. Phil show. Her parents, the Cox family, were featured guests. Cox is Susan’s maiden name.

Here are the facts about Susan’s disappearance. She’s classified as Endangered Missing. At her disappearance, she had two sons. This missing mom is a Caucasian, white female. Susan was 28 when she vanished. She’d be 35 going on 36, today. When she vanished, she was 5’4.” And she had weighed 130 pounds. Susan has brown hair and blue eyes. At her disappearance, she was wearing black dress pants and a black shirt. And she was last seen in West Valley, Utah.
Her family and friends had not seen or heard from Susan since Dec. 6, 2009. At her residence.

Here are Susan’s family dynamics. Her husband, Josh Powell, had told police that he he had taken their two children out. In the middle of the night, he took them on a camping trip. Powell said that his wife did not feel well so she stayed home. Josh told LE that he returned home to find her missing. And she has remained missing to this day. My mom had followed this case from the beginning. “What a cock and bull story!” she scoffed. “He killed his wife!” Indeed, Josh Powell had been a suspect, almost from the beginning. LE named him a suspect when he moved to Washington State.

Find Missing Susan Marie Powell!
Tragic Family Conclusion

This case has no happy ending. In 2012, Josh Powell, still a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, had their two sons. We don’t know his motive for what he did. At the time, he blew up his home. Setting it on fire. Their sons, Charles, 7, and Braden, 5, spent their final moments here. Reportedly, Josh home ablaze outside of Tacoma, Washington State. That’s just a few milis South of Seattle. He did this minutes after his sons came running from a caseworker’s car. Then they came to the front door of their dad’s house on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012.

What was in Josh’s mind before he pulled off his murder-suicide? In the minds of their two sons? Well, after these two boys came to their dad’s front, he pulled them inside. Then he locked them inside. By the time the contract caseworker approached the front door, she smelled gasoline. Then she started pounding on the doors and windows. An explosion ripped through the house. Three minutes later, when firefighters arrive, the house went up in flames. Blew up. Josh and his son, inside, died. Sickeningly, an autopsy reveals that Josh tried to chop his own sons with a hatchet before setting that fire!

Find Missing Susan Marie Powell!
Still Missing!

Despite this unspeakable tragedy, Susan is still missing. And now she has no sons to come home to. Her husband will never be brought to earthly justice. Yet she has her own family of origin. Not only are they undergoing the nightmare of missing their daughter. They have lost two grandsons. As for Josh’s family, they, too, have lost a son and two grandson. These people are all hurting. Bringing Susan home will not provide any closure. But it should give them some peace. If you have any information that can find Susan, contact: (801) 963-3462.

Case #: 09i054602 NamUs MP: 4890

This photo and the case facts are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc. I’m not a partner of or affiliated with this nonprofit.


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