Find Missing Simone Stringfellow! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE)***


Find missing Simone Stringfellow!
She has been missing for ten days.
Her mom is suffering.
Where is Simone Stringfellow?

Find Missing Simone Stringfellow!

Find missing Simone Stringfellow! I have visited her mom’s public Facebook profile almost daily. No posters were made for her. This teen’s mom is Sharon Stringfellow. Her love for her daughter shines through in her posts. She displays much pain over her daughter’s disappearance. Limited information is available on Simone. I have done searches, and they have shown only a few article from a past disappearance.

Find Missing Simone Stringfellow!

Where is this missing teen girl? Simone has been missing for ten day. This young lady was last seen on Sunday, May 21, 2017. According to her mom, Simone has run away before. Her mom believes Simone has run away again. This missing teen girl is an African female. Upon her disappearance, the teen has red and black locs. She has a ring in her nose. Simone is described as 5’3″ and weighs 123 pounds. This missing teen girl vanished out of Washington, DC. And she is an endangered runaway.

Where was Simone Stringfellow when last seen? What was she wearing? According to Simone’s mom, she was last seen Sunday on Bladensburg Road. Simone was leaving the police station headed toward N.Y. Avenue wearing green cargo pants, a black shirt and pink jacket. Her daughter may be on Bladensburg Road headed toward N.Y. Ave.

Find Missing Simone Stringfellow!
How We Can Help

The mom of Simone Stringfellow is in pain right now. And she needs our help to bring her daughter home! If anyone reading this is in law enforcement, view the mom’s Facebook profile, which is linked below. If you know anyone in law enforcement, consider reaching out to her mom through private messaging on her Facebook page. If you have seen Simone, you are asked to call 9-1-1 or her mom at: (202) 903-3417. Contact either number if you have tips or information that can locate this teen girl.

The mom’s Facebook page is public and she is desperate for her. Please bookmark it if you use Facebook. Click here to do so.

UPDATE: Simone has been found safe! She has posted on her Facebook profile.

The top photo and above information are courtesy of Sharon Stringfellow.


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